Thursday, 2 August 2012

Free Wallpaper Sample Project: Updating my Study Nook

Thank you to all of you that contacted me in regards to my Wallpaper post. I had such a good laugh as so many of you emailed me to say that your husband or partner would not let you wallpaper either - glad that I am not alone here!!

I also had a few questions on where to get the samples from as you could not find them at your local Hardware or Bunnings stores (in Australia). These particular samples were 'sourced' (I use this term loosely!) from Masters Home Improvements, which is the new hardware chain to open up in Australia. If you have had a store open up near you recently and have not checked it out, make sure that you do, as they are amazing. They have some gorgeous homewares, prints for the walls, organising and storage products and wallpaper of course!! It is definitely not your average hardware shop and I am hoping now that I have given them a cheeky free plug, that I won't be hunted down and have my wallpaper stash seized :-)

So what did I do with my samples?!

Well lately my little study nook (that I use as my home office) had been looking a bit tired and needed a refresh. I had the below prints up for quite some time and I was getting a bit sick of staring at them (too much time in here on Pinterest perhaphs?!)

So I decided to change the prints in the frames using my little samples of wallpaper. Previously I had used some printed manilla folders behind the frames that I purchased at Officeworks, which were great at the time as I was able to get a mouse pad and mazagine holders all to match in a co-ordinated look.

But once I changed the frames, the rest of the desk was also looking a bit tired, so I used the wallpaper to recover my desk lamp and to cover my desk organiser which was featured in this post.

I think the end result is looking a lot more fresh and co-ordinated and the best part was that it didn't cost me a cent!

Happy with my updated study - and the fact that it was free!!

What do you think?

I still have close to a million little other wallpaper samples left and I am working on a little project for my bedroom for some of these. Last week I was sucked in by a great offer online and decided to treat myself to a new Doona cover, so I won't be able to do anything until this arrives and I can plan it out.

Did you manage to pick up any samples and do any little projects with them?

Would love to hear what you have been up to....


  1. What a brilliant idea. I am so going sample hunting ;)

    1. Hi Sonia, thank you so much for popping by!! Hope you manage to snare a few samples xx

  2. Everybody loved the free samples at our local masters so much, that they have stopped stocking them! Quietly devastated!!! Such a brilliant idea

    1. Oh no Larissa!! I hope that they haven't done that because I have been promoting the art of 'samples for projects'. I had one lovely reader email me pictures last week that she had done with hers, so maybe they are cutting back this week?! I must admit I am a bit scared to go in there again!! Thanks for stopping by xx

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