Thursday, 30 August 2012

National Organising Week and Utterly Organised Activities

Can you believe that in a matter of days we will find ourselves in September?! Is anyone else just a little bit concerned with just how fast the year has gone and just how close Christmas is? Eeek!!

National Organising Week kicks off next Monday 3rd September and I thought to co-incide with this, we would use the start of September to dedicate it to the organisation of pantries and laundries - the two spaces that I love to organise and have organised!

Over the next few weeks, the blog will focus on the organisation of these important areas in your home. Let's face it, the kitchen is probably where most of us spend our time on a daily basis, I know I do. Our kitchen is the hub of our house, not only for cooking, but also for entertaining friends and family and as such it is the one of the core spaces in your home that I feel needs to be beautiful and organised. What better place to start with your kitchen organisation than the pantry.

Same goes with the laundry - like it or lump it - piles of dirty clothing are something in no shortage in any household with kids. By creating an organised laundry space, it might just make this chore a little bit nicer to do (I did say 'might'!).

Over the course of the next few weeks we will take a look at;
  • A peek inside both my pantry and laundry - by demand!
  • Ideas and tips on how to organise your pantry and laundry spaces
  • Advice on organising your messy kitchen draws
  • And if you like what I have done, then you might want to download my free laundry printables!!

I am delighted that starting in September, I have the very fabulous Home Storage and Living sponsoring Utterly Organised. If you are not familiar with this amazing online store, then definitely do yourself a favour and head over and check out their product range today. I am a proud customer of this company, so over the course of the series you will see some amazing organisation products from their range that I have been using in my home to keep 'utterly organised'.

Being the generous sponsor that they are, they will also be running a competition and a special promotion for all of my lovely readers, more information on the company, the competition and the promotion soon....

If there is a particular question or area that you would like me to look at during this special feature, then as always I would love to hear from you and try and include your request over the course of this feature. Please feel free to comment below, contact me on Facebook or simply email me at

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