Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Birdsnest Autumn Capsule Wardrobe: for the busy stylish Mum!

Are you guilty of having racks full of clothes and absolutely nothing to wear?! You are definitely not alone! If this sounds like you, then the concept of a capsule wardrobe is definitely going to be a game changer for every day dressing with ease.
So what is a capsule wardrobe? In a nutshell it is a small number of clothes that all mix and match to create effortless (and stress free) dressing every day! The super clever ladies over at Birdsnest are the absolute 'queens' of the capsule wardrobe. Over on their website you can view the perfect capsule wardrobe to suit your personal style, life stage, season and even special occassions such as vacations.
I was super excited when Birdsnest asked me to create my very own capsule wardrobe. Using only these 7 classic pieces, I have created what I feel is the perfect mix and match wardrobe for the busy, yet stylish, Mum for Autumn (and beyond)
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