Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Children's Play Table - on a Budget!

The reality of a baby being here in just under 12 weeks is making me panic about just how much I need to do and organise in a relatively short time (plus Christmas in the mix!). One of the many projects that I am working on at the moment is converting our third bedroom in to a nursery for #2. This means that the bigger project to deal with first, is dealing with all of the mess, toys and my clothes being stored in this room - tell me that we all have a junk area, don't we?!!

Previously this room was set up and used as a playroom, which was great. I loved having all matter of toys stored in here and being able to close the door of a night if it was just too hard to pack everything up. But sadly, with only having a 3 bedroom home, the luxury of having a dedicated playroom has come to an end.

I am fortunate that a few years ago, we added a family room on to our home, which means that we can have a space for adults (our lounge) and now a space that we can share as a family - our family room. So I am currently converting the family room in to a space which will also serve as a play area too - watch this space!!
One of the must have items for this area, has been the inclusion of a little table that can be used for play as well as for snacks throughout the day.
I shopped around for a suitable play table, but to be honest I just didn't want to pay upwards of $60 just for a small table alone. So I decided to head to my favourite store - Ikea - for a cheap and easy solution.
  • 1 x Ikea Lack side table in white which retails for $9.99
  • 2 x Ikea Mammut Seats which retail for $14.99
  • 1 x Ikea Mannut Stool which retail for $7.99
  • 1 x Small square of oil cloth to protect the table for $4.00
For a grand total of $52.00 (less than a single table!), I am pretty happy with the results and so is Mr B...
What do you all think?
Next up to sort out and move all of the toys in to the family room... wish me luck!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Giveaway: Win a Hickory Hill Home Gift Voucher!

Gorgeous, classic, durable and affordable - that about sums up the amazing online store of Hickory Hill Home. If you missed my post yesterday with more information on this divine online store and me sharing a few of my favourite buys, then you can check it out here.

Once again a BIG thank you for Hickory Hill Home for providing one lucky reader the chance to win a very, very generous $150.00 gift voucher to spend at their fabulous online store.
This voucher is just in time for Chrissie shopping - yes it really is that time of year again! I must admit that I am quite a shade of green with envy of the prize-winner - there is no shortage of goodies that I want and need from the collection let me tell you!

The conditions of entry and the entry via Rafflecopter is below - best of luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

- The giveaway will be hosted by Rafflecopter and is open to Australian residents only
- The announcement of the lucky winner will be made right here on the Utterly Organised blog
- The lucky winner will have 5 days to contact Utterly Organised and claim their prize
- Failure to claim prize within designated period will result in another winner being drawn
- Entrants must like the Utterly Organised and Hickory Hill Home Facebook Page
- Any questions on the competition can be directed to

Good luck everyone, I look forward to announcing the lucky winner!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Welcome to Hickory Hill Home

Oh how I love hearing about a good Aussie business success story!! For Country Gals Edwina and Gendy, they turned their frustrations at not being able to source great bed linen and accessories in to a successful online store (and a gorgeous one at that) called Hickory Hill Home.
Hickory Hill Home was recently launched in May of this year, but has already enjoyed great success since inception and to be honest - I am not suprised!
The online store has the most divine and fantastic quality, collection of cashmere, pajamas and bedlinen that have been designed by these two very clever ladies. The collection is very beautifully classic - think gingham, seersuckers, soft cottons and stunning colours - right up my alley!
I absolutely love the fact that this store offers free shipping and a no questions asked return policy - it is perfect for avid online shoppers like myself - or for those in rural areas.
For those with littlies, you are going to fall in love with the classic range of pajamas and bed linen available for your little one (or big one!).
Here is just a few of the items that I am lusting after:
                                Blue Gingham Doona Set - love everything about this room!

                               100% Cashmere Baby Blankets - perfect for my 'one on the way'!

                            Dusty Blue Boys Gingham PJ's - adorable stocking stuffer for Mr B!

Thanks to the lovely (and very generous) ladies at Hickory Hill, I have a $150.00 gift voucher to give away to one super, super lucky reader of the blog. Stay tuned because this giveaway will be kicking off tomorrow and I am sure you don't want to miss this one!!
Until then, please check out the Hickory Hill website and remember to sign up to receive a special discount off your very 1st order.
See you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Product Review: Philips PerfectCare Aqua Pressurised Steam Generator Iron

I am the first to admit that when it comes to ironing, I can be a little bit OCD. I don't go as far as iron tea towels and underwear, but I do put my hand up to admit that sheets, pillow cases and hankies are included in my ironing pile each week... a little bit sad I know!

Now it is not that I have too much time on my hands, but rather just like my home, I like my linen and clothes to be neat and orderly (well most of the time!). So when I was contacted to try out the newest steam station ironing revolution from Phillips - the PerfectCare Aqua Pressurised Steam Generator Iron (try saying that after a few drinks!) - I was more than a little bit excited to say the least!!
The ironing pile - on a 'good' day!!
This little wonder boasts a whole heap of product benefits - but the promise to make my ironing life a simple and speedy experience - sounded just too good to be true!!
For me, of the major benefits of this steam station iron, is that unlike the regular run of the mill irons, you don't need to fiddle around with the controls to alter the settings to suit each individual garment. Ever been guilty of singeing hubbys work pants because you were still on the ultra hot cotton setting?! Yup I have been there more than a few times and created pants that are a little bit crunchy and shiny to wear...

Well this is an issue of the past with this little wonder, because thanks to its super clever OptimalTemp technology, you'll no longer have to worry about fiddling with settings again (and getting it wrong time and time again). It was a very strange experience using this unit for the first time and not having to flick a dial going from my cottons to my woollens and on to my silk dresses.
Thanks to the continual steam pressure, you really do experience a quicker and easier ironing experience. I definitely found myself shaving at least 10-15 minutes off my usual ironing time - a PB!
The unit has a massive - and I mean massive 2.2Lt water tank - so no more having to fill up the iron a good 1000 times just to get through a small pile of ironing.


The ironing unit itself is quite large if you are used to just a good old fashioned iron - but it is comprable in size to other pressurised steam generating irons out there on the market. However if you don't have a lot of room to store in your laundry cupboard, then this style of iron may not be for you.

The RRP on this unit is $399 which may seem a little much for some consumers when comparing to a traditional iron. But trust me, this is not a traditional iron and you need to see it in action and you'll want to get your hands on it at any price! I have it on good authority that this unit does go on sale regularly, so keep your eyes peeled and pop it in on your Chrissie or Boxing Day sale wish list.
Overall I absolutely loved the iron. It is definitely worth clearing a spot for this in your laundry - because it is a time (and sanity) saver and I have never seen hubbys shirts look so crisp - winner!!

Want to check it out for yourself? This unit is available to purchase at all major electrical retailers for an RRP of $399.00. You can also check it out in action here on YouTube.

A big thank you to Phillips for letting me try this out.

Do you have a steam station iron too? Love it? Hate it? Love to hear your thoughts.

Please note, I was provided this unit to try but was not paid for the review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Product Review & Giveaway: Fruities Cordial

I am always looking for ways to get hubby to drink more water. The only way that I can get this grown man to drink it, is with the aid of a little 'sweetner' - cordial. Cordial and Gatorade are his guilty pleasures.

Yes of course I worry about the sugar and the artificial colours that he consumes each day, but how do you argue with a grown man?!! Seriously if you have an answer for this, please do tell..

I must say when I was offered up the chance to try Fruities - a radical new cordial concept on the market - I was super keen to introduce it in to our home.
Fruities boasts about being the only cordial on the market to contain zero preservatives and absolutely nothing artificial - including colours, flavours and sweetners. Each bottle contains 50% real fruit juice and instead of the regular nasty white sugar, it uses the natural sugar substitute - Stevia.

If you, like most Mum's (or wives!!) are wanting to avoid all the colours, numbers and confusion out there, then Fruities could be the answer - for little and big kids alike.

Hubby initially turned up his nose at the product, saying it is not that Diet Cordial is it? But was surprised that it tasted better than the regular brand that he consumes - winner! Fruities is stocked nationally at Coles, so be sure to check it out on your next shop!

Keen to give it a go too? Well lucky for you thanks to the lovely folk at Fruities, I have 3 Spring/Summer fun packs pictured above to give away - perfect for a family BBQ or picnic in the park! Entry and the t&c's are below...

- The giveaway will be hosted by Rafflecopter and is open to Australian residents only
- The announcement of the lucky winner will be made right here on the Utterly Organised blog
- The lucky winner will have 5 days to contact Utterly Organised and claim their prize
- Failure to claim prize within designated period will result in another winner being drawn
- Entrants must like the Utterly Organised Facebook Page
- Any questions on the competition can be directed to

Good luck everyone!!

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