Friday, 27 June 2014

Advice on Introducing Solids - Win a $50.00 Woolworths Gift Card for your Advice!

So earlier on in the week I blogged about my attempts to get the little lady started on solids, which you can read about here.
Because the process seems a heck of a lot harder than I remember, I am asking (well practically begging!) for your tips and tricks for getting your baby to eat solids. In exchange for this, you have the chance to win one $50.00 Woolworths Gift Card, so hit me up with your tried and tested advice...

To enter, you simply need to follow the Rafflecopter prompts below and please ensure that you comply with both conditions of entry (liking the Utterly Organised Facebook Page and leaving a blog post comment with your best tip, trick or general advice).

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Good luck everyone!!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

We are Starting Solids...

So last week was a big one in our house. Miss C celebrated her 5 month birthday and Mr B his half birthday, making him now 2.5! In the blink of an eye it seems that my babies are gone and I have two kidlets that are 5 months going on 5 years and Mr B is 2.5 years going on 15!!

Seriously bring back my babies because it is going way too quickly...
PS: How cute is Miss C's Target vest, at $7, I wish I could get this in my size!!
This little milestone also meant that it was time to start the weaning process and introduce solids - groan! Is it just me or do they keep changing the 'guidelines' on this stuff?! Those with two or more babies, out of interest have things changed with each baby for you? So what we were told to do with Mr B (to phase things in stages, pureed foods etc) has all gone out the window and it is a case of almost anything goes from 6 months now!
But for now, it is time to get this little Miss to get the hang of this food bizzo with a bit of good old fashioned Rice Cereal.

I was sent this Nestle Cerelac Rice Cereal from Social Soup for Miss C to try and I was a bit apprehensive because quite frankly we tried another well known brand of rice cereal with Mr B and it caused a few 'ahem' digestion issues shall we say...
The Nestle Cerelac Rice Cereal is suitable for littlies from 4 months of age. They also have a Wheat and an Oat version for bubs at the 6 month mark, which will be us in no time :-(

Miss C had been grabbing at my food for a few weeks, so I thought that it was time to bite the bullet and give the solids thing a go. But boy, I had completely forgotten just how messy and hard, the solids stuff is, we are going through bibs like nobodies business!

Even though I knew Miss C was ready for food, we did struggle a bit with Miss C getting the hang of the swallow and tongue action at first. But slowly, day by day, week by week, she is starting to get the hang of things - but not the hang of not making a mess!!

Miss C seems to enjoy the taste of this Rice Cereal better when mixed with a bit of formula or breast milk, when it was plain with water she wasn't quite as impressed! I am pleased to report that we have had no digestion issues (if you get my drift) to speak of.

This weekend I am introducing the big world of fruit to Miss C. I plan to mix it in with the Rice Cereal to start off with - wish me luck!! Time to dig out the old Baby Food recipe book...

Now I would love all of your tips, tricks and advice on getting a little one to start solids. But please get your thinking caps on and save your tips until tomorrow, where your tip could win you a very generous $50 gift card - see you back here then!


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Happy Anniversary and My New Look!

This month marked the two year anniversary of my humble little blog, and to co-coincide with this little occasion, I thought that it was high time that I gave the blog a little bit of a makeover...
I truly hope that you love the new look and feel of the page.

So what is new?!

Well apart from the fabulous new logo, colours and branding there are a few new features of the blog.
I know that so many of my readers love the Organising Tips and the Recipes featured on the blog. As such I have made it so much easier for you to find these, simply by selecting a category from the drop down menu in the top tabs under Get Organised and Recipes.

I also have links to my new Social Media Accounts (Twitter and Instagram), and you can now subscribe to receive updates to my blog right in your inbox as I update!
The other little feature that I love is the 'Pin It' button which you can use to pin any of the pictures in my blog to your own Pinterest Account if you see something that you like. If you are as addicted to this thing as I am, this is sure to be very handy!
I have some fabulous new and existing sponsors on board, and if you might have a product or service to promote, please feel free to browse our Advertising Tab or Contact Me sections for more information on working with me.
Love to know what you think of the new look. I must update my profile picture next! 


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Things to Consider when Starting an Online Business

Thinking of starting your own business? For many mums, starting your own business is a great way to combine motherhood with work.  Read on for some tips to consider to ensure you are utterly organised when starting your business.

Consider what to sell

Whether you want to sell furnishings for home or clothing for kids, make sure you do your homework when identifying potential customers, and how to reach them.  It really helps to have a coach or someone familiar with the business to give you a hand.

Market yourself

Along with making sure your website is ideal, ensure you’re up-to-date on all the marketing tools available.  Whether you use email marketing, Twitter or Facebook or a combination of these, utilise all opportunities available to get yourself and your products out there.  Starting a blog may also be beneficial as you’re sure to gain social media followers if yours is any good.

Keep your online business secure

With utilising online marketing and the opportunity to sell your goods online you need to ensure your customers are shopping securely.
There are a number of e-commerce platforms available for you to choose from either as a solution to your entire website or simply to provide the e-commerce functionality of your online business. The research you do in connection with choosing a platform is a crucial step in ensuring that you have the least amount of worry possible when it comes to fraud. 

Keep track of your accounts

This is one of the most important aspects of running a business online that many people sometimes overlook.  Make sure you keep track of time and overheads; investing in accounting software is always a good idea and will make your life a lot easier when it comes to calculating costs and budgets.

Have fun

While starting and running your own business can be hard work, if you stand by your products you make it seem less like work and more like fun.  As with any job if you truly enjoy what you’re doing the work will be more fulfilling and rewarding overall, so don’t get bogged down by stress and paperwork, take time to have fun and truly enjoy the work that you’re doing.
Are you a Mum with your own small business? If so, please feel free to comment below and share the link to your Site and let us know what you do so we can check it out. As a Mum with a small business myself, I love to be able to support other fellow WAHM's!

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Organising Stock for Your Home Business

Running a business from home has lots of advantages; you don’t have to commute to work, you can wear comfortable clothing, and you’ll save a bucket-load of cash not having to eat takeaway lunches. The downside is that your home can quickly become a hive of activity that you never get away from. To successfully operate a home business and organise stock you will need to set up some good processes. Be careful about keeping work and home-life separate; you will need to be organised and determined to make it work well. Here are some tips to help you get there.



One of the most important considerations for your home business is storage. Without adequate storage, your stock will quickly spill over into the rest of the house. It is important to ensure this doesn’t happen. Most home businesses have minimal space so you will need to be clever about your storage. Many innovative space and storage solutions are available like Elbowroom who offer customised storage solutions, tailored to fit your specific storage needs.



One of the best storage innovations designed to make maximum use of minimum space is the racking system. Racking can be designed to suit your product type, and works well for stock that is palletised, but is also useful for stock that is of a difficult size or shape and cannot be easily stored. The advantage of a racking system is that it can be engineered to a configuration that suits your stock perfectly.


Shelving is available either as a static storage option or as mobilised storage. Shelving should be designed to suit the type of stock you are carrying as well as how much stock you will house and how often you need to access this stock. Shelving can be configured to suit everything from small stock to storage of bulk products. The key is to be very clear about your needs when choosing shelving to suit your home business. It is best to get shelving right the first time; making hasty storage decisions can end up costing a lot in both time and money.

Open Bins and Trays

For small items, you should consider the use of storage containers like open bins and trays. This is a durable and versatile option that is suitable for most industries, including those where hygiene is of chief importance. Bins are available in pure plastics with UV stabilisers so that product integrity is assured. An advantage of choosing open bins or trays is that these storage systems are easily expandable. Bin and tray products are also available in chemical and oil resistant materials if required.

Today’s storage options are diverse and can be customised to suit your home business. It is especially important in the case of a home business, to ensure that the storage you choose is effective for storing your stock in a way that does not invade the rest of your home. Make a point of documenting your exact storage needs, do your research and talk to storage experts before you choose a system. With a bit of homework you will come up with the perfect solution for organising stock for your home business.
This post is one I can absolutely relate to running my own business from home. Do you run a home business too? What are your top organisational tips? Feel free to share your small business link below so we can all check it out :-)

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

PumpEase Review and Giveaway

For any mothers out there that have had the 'pleasure' of a breast pump, you will know that it takes what feels like an eternity to pump out a measly 1ml of milk! It can cause sheer frustration to be sitting down pumping, when you have a million things as a new Mum.
Well one clever Mamma obviously felt the same, because along came the genius product - PumpEase. The PumpEase is a one of a kind, bustier style of bra that is designed to allow you to pump - get this - hands free!

The clever (and unique) style of bustier allows you to securely hold in place your breast pump (single or double), so you can read, write, change a nappy or cook dinner while you are pumping away - amazing! I have a Medela Swing Pump and this fitted securely in to the bra much to my amazement.

I must admit, I felt a wee bit strange at first having myself all strapped in. But the ability to 'get on with the job' of being a Mother while pumping away is just brilliant, as with your second, you don't really get as much 'down' time as you do with your first!

This amazing product retails at $49.95 and you can but it directly from the PumpEase website. It comes in 8 gorgeous shades (I have the classic black and white polka dot combo!). A fantastic product for a new Mum or a Mum to be!

PumpEase have given me one of their amazing bras to give away to one lucky reader - you get to pick your size and your favourite colour of course! Simply follow the Rafflecopter prompts below to enter and good luck...

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

- The giveaway will be hosted by Rafflecopter and is open to Australian residents only
- The announcement of the lucky winner will be made on the Utterly Organised Facebook Page
- The lucky winner will have 5 days to contact Utterly Organised and claim their prize
- Failure to claim prize within designated period will result in another winner being drawn
- Reader can select colour and size of the product
- Entrants must like the Utterly Organised Facebook Page
- Any questions on the competition can be directed to

Love to hear if you have discovered any new genius products that make your life as a Mum so much easier?


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Must Have Supplies For An Unforgettable Party

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a special occasion, an after party or simply a get-together with friends, the right party supplies are the key to hosting party your guests will never forget. Although party supplies largely depend on your theme, or specific celebration, there are some party supplies that are essential to making any party memorable.


Photobooths or Polaroid Cameras

Photography is a must if you want to continue to enjoy the party long after it finishes. While some people hire photographers, it can be much more beneficial if you and your guests take photography into your own hands. Photo booths are a fun and effective way of taking photos at your party and can be a really fun element of your party, especially if you provide silly hats or other dress up materials.
Polaroid cameras are a more retro but equally fun option for photography. If can have multiple cameras on the go throughout the night, you are guaranteed to get some great shots. Both options offer instant printouts of photos, which can be placed into guest books, party scrapbooks or simply taken home as memoirs of a great night.


DJ and Audio Equipment

Whether you want to play your own tunes or hire a DJ, music is an essential part of any party. The simplest option is simply to hire speakers and hook them up to your own tunes on your iPhone of iPod. While it is common to hire a DJ, these days it is becoming quite popular to become the DJ yourself. To do this, you simply hire out DJ equipment and speakers and then you and your friends can mix their own music. Most hired DJ mixers are simple to use and can be connected to your own music. Some machines even have an auto-mix function for when you want the music to take care of itself.
Modern Party Hire offers very simple to learn and easy to use DJ equipment that has an auto-mix function. Additionally, it may be a good idea to hire a microphone in case you want to get the party’s attention, broadcast announcements or have speeches.


Bar or Alcohol Dispensers

If there are adults at the party, alcohol is a must. Depending on the demographic of your party, you may prefer to hire a bar and bar furniture or simply hire alcohol dispensers. Hiring a bar is probably the most traditional option and you can choose to allow people to be responsible for mixing their own drinks or hire bar staff to attend to your guests. If you don’t want the hassle of hiring a bar and bar staff, it may be a better idea to use some sort of alcohol dispensers. The most common of these are alcoholic slushie or daiquiri machines. These machines typically come with premade non-alcoholic daiquiri or slushie mixes that simply require vodka or another alcohol to be added into it. This way you can choose to have a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on tap.
With some fun and creative photography, a great selection of music playing and a steady flow of alcohol, you can transform any party into a celebration that you and your party guests will never forget.
So what do you think? What are the must have supplies for a memorable party?

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