Monday, 28 September 2015

Stockist and Further Details for Miss C's Nursery (and your Questions Answered!)

Thank you so much for all of the lovely comments that I received when I shared Miss C's nursery space. Missed that post? You can read it right here
For those that contacted me with questions, I do hope that this post covers everything that you wanted to know. If not, please comment below and I'll try and address your question too.
1. I cannot see any toys in your nursery. Where do you keep these? Can you share how these are organised?
We are pretty fortunate that last year we extended our home to include a large open plan play room. This has meant that we can keep the kids rooms pretty clutter free in terms of toys. Their rooms really aren't huge in size, so I am pretty grateful for this play space! I definitely plan to share this space very soon when I finally get around to blogging my extension reveal posts (a long time coming I know), so will share how I organise everything then - promise!.
At the moment the kids do have a selection of soft toys in a hamper inside the wardrobe.
2. Where is your cot from?
The cot is a 'hand me down' from Mr B's nursery. In fact it is now in Mr T's nursery, so is definitely well loved!
The brand is King Parrot cot from Boori.
3. Where is the cot linen from?
The cot linen was purchased from Pottery Barn Kids and is the Claire Nursery Bedding range. At the time of purchasing it wasn't available in Australia (but it is now), so I had it shipped from the US.
If anyone is interested in it, I am currently selling the cot and the sheet sets as Miss C is now in her big girls bed :-)
4. Where is the Cot Mobile from?
The cot mobile (and the bunting that hangs above the window) were made by Maisie-Moo Felt Creations who are based over in New Zealand. If you are a local Australian based business that makes something similar, please feel free to comment below and share your business details.
5. I adore your mirror!! Where do I get one?
I searched high and low for the perfect mirror for this space but could not find anything I loved. In the end I purchased this Ung Drill Mirror from Ikea. The mirror retails for $69 but unfortunately it only comes in black.
To create the perfect pink colour, I used Rustoleum 2 X Ultra Spray (in Candy Pink colour) to spray the mirror. I also used the same spray paint (it is brilliant!) to do her wooden name that you can see in the room. Sadly I think that this colour is discontinued, but I hear whispers that it may be returning to shelves soon - I hope so!
The mirror is one of my favourite things in the room and it has remained when I updated this space to a 'big girl' room recently. Yes I will share this space with you too!!
6. Where are the change table/drawers from?
This is yet another 'hand me down' from Mr B's nursery space - now residing in Mr T's nursery. I purchased it (super cheap) on Ebay way back four years ago now. Despite the low price tag, the quality has been great and I adore all of the drawers for storage!
If you don't have a huge amount of space in your nursery, I definitely recommend looking for a drawer/change table combo like this. The change table part can easily be removed for you to keep using the drawers down the track too.
7. Where is the bedside table from?
Again another Ikea purchase! This is the Hemnes Chest of 2 Drawers that  retails for $169 (though I picked up on a promo for $89 or thereabouts). 
Sadly this didn't make the cut in the new 'big girls room' so is collecting dust now in my garage!
8. What is that you are using to organise headbands?
That little contraption pictured above is actually a jewellery organiser from Pottery Barn Kids. I ordered it at the same time as the linen from the USA. I have searched high and low on both the Australian and the US site but can sadly no longer see this product in stock.
9. Where is your wall canvas from?
This was an Adairs Kids bargain - I think I paid $10 for it!! Adairs used to have the most amazing range of canvas prints super cheap, but I haven't seen any in stores or online for a long time.
For some cute wall canvas prints, try the Reject Shop. Or to get some gorgeous prints done for the wall (to be framed) try Mint Imprint who I have just purchased some prints from for Mr T's nursery.
10. Where is that sequin hanger from? Is it baby sized?
The divine sequin hanger is by Each Day with Jay. It is baby sized but also comes in an adult size too.
Silver not your thing? Then it is also available in gold, black and pink and are a steal at only $8 each!! I have one of these to give away, so be sure to stay tuned for that!
As you can see, I have popped mine on the door to display Miss C's pretty outfits. This was her Christening dress that was hung up at the time, but I now use it for her tutu dresses from Cotton On Kids (which she has way too many of!).
11. Please, please, please tell me where to get the personalised sequin cushion from....
Ahh yes, the sequin cushion... if I had $1 for every email/message/comment asking where this fabulous little cushion came from then I would be rich!!
This cushion is by the amazing Tamsyn from Max & Me Homewears. It is by far my favourite piece in the room and still takes pride of place on Miss C's big girls bed in the recent room transformation. if you haven't checked out Tamsyn's goodies, definitely do as she is one super clever lady!
Oh and did I mention that I have one of these cushions to give away too?!!

If I have missed something, please feel free to comment below or contact me.

As I mentioned I have a little giveaway with two of my favourite pieces - the sequin cushion and hanger - coming up later on this week so be sure to check in again then...


Thursday, 17 September 2015

Miss C's Pink, Grey and White Polka Dot Nursery

Well this post has been a long time in the making, because Miss C is now 19 months (can you believe it?!). But here I am finally revealing the nursery space that I created for our little lady.
When I first set out to design the nursery (while pregnant), I was pretty sure that I was designing it for a baby boy. So the walls featured large, dark grey polka dots that were going to be paired with navy and pale blue once my suspicions around gender were confirmed (or not in my case!). I had the entire nursery mapped out for a boy and a shopping list with linen, accessories and the works all ready to go - but not a single thing in mind for a girl!
Almost as soon as I had been told I had a girl, my mind went in to overdrive about the sort of nursery that I wanted to create (right there in the recovery room!) for our Miss C. I wanted something that was light and bright, clean, pretty, fresh and a little bit traditional looking... oh and did I mention on a little bit of a budget too!  
Well the first thing I did from the hospital bed (yes seriously) was order more Polka Dots for the wall - I changed the large, dark grey for a smaller and softer grey. Yes it did almost end in divorce (hubby had spent hours on the original set), but it was worth it when they were complete.
I am super conservative about colour (and prone to changing my mind), so our whole house is painted with Whisper White paint as a result. I find it much easier to inject 'colour' in to a room via soft furnishings and accessories, so that I can easily chop and change colour schemes without the headache of repainting a room.
The polka dot vinyl decals are also a brilliant way to decorate without the commitment of painting. These ones can be easily removed and changed (without damage) once I do get sick of them, but they were definitely a challenge to get perfect and aligned on the wall (yes I am OCD!).



Of course now that Mr T is here, we have converted Miss C's nursery in a bit more of  a toddler space complete with a bed a few other modifications - cannot wait to share this (and Mr T's nursery that I am madly working away on!) with you soon. Til then stay tuned for some of the stockist and other details on the room...

If you have any questions that you want me to answer on the room or anything featured in it, please feel free to comment below or contact me and I will pop these in the post too!

UPDATE: You can access the post with the stockist information right here

Thanks again to Little One Magazine for featuring this room in their current magazine - yay!!


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cheap & Cheerful Tuesday: Awesome Aldi Spring Outdoor Buys for the Kiddies!!

Two days of hot Melbourne weather (back to Winter today mind you) and I am all inspired about being outdoors and lazy days in the sun!!
My kids absolutely love to be outdoors playing, which suits me to a tee because it means far less to clean up inside!
This year I am going to invest some time and coin in our backyard by purchasing the kiddos Christmas gifts that can be used outdoors. When I saw this weeks Aldi catalogue, it seemed to darn good not to share as there are some amazing outdoor buys for the kids at great prices.
Here are a few of my faves...

Outdoor Setting

Aldi $79.99
Picked this up last year and still absolutely adore it! When the dog isn't stealing food from it, the kids enjoy eating lunch out here on sunny days.

Cubby House

Aldi $79.99
Every backyard needs a cubby! This is a great little budget option if you want to test the waters on how much your kids will use a cubby before making an investment in to a more expensive wooden version.

Gardening Tools 

Aldi $29.99

Aldi $9.99

Aldi $24.99
Hate gardening - then why not put the kids to work?! Only joking!!!

I love the cute range of planter beds (different styles available), tool kits and the outdoor garden appliances (others available).

Mr B follows his Daddy around with his lawnmover (which has almost had it), so I can see that he would adore this chainsaw set.


Aldi $139
I am BEGGING my husband to let me allow Santa to drop one of these off at our place on the 25th of December! For some reason he is a bit hesitant about the old trampoline set, but I know it would keep the kids amused for hours - enough said...
This one is a 6 foot (is that a decent size for a few kids?) and a great price.

You can check out more of this weeks catalogue right here. Also loving the party buys on sale this week too!!  Anything on your list this week?

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Guest Post: How to Personalise your Kids Room - Ideas and Tips!

{Guest Post from Oneflare, the easiest way to hire a trusted local business}
When I was growing up, my bedroom was always an expression of my individuality, and looking back at decorative flavours of my childhood, there's one styling rule I know to be true - a child's room needs a personal touch. During a child's defining years, their identity and sense of security is largely dependent upon on their home life and their bedroom plays a big role. Here are our top tips on how you can embrace your child's personality and inspire creativity without overspending or compromising on style...

Colour your Walls...

Colour is a refreshing alternative to bland, white walls. A vivid and bright display of your child's favourite colour can add warmth and excitement. When selecting a colour scheme for your kid's walls, don't just stick to traditional pink or blue. Choose intentionally by considering the emotion that you want to elicit in your child:
  • Red: Builds energy and excitement but can foster aggression
  • Orange: Encourages confidence, independence and communication
  • Yellow: Cheery, motivating and boots memory. Yellow can often create agitation
  • Green: Calming, improve concentration and speed
  • Blue: Decrease in agitation and anxiety
  • Purple: Self assurance, creativity and wisdom
  • Pink: Calming and empathetic but can also lead to agitation
Image by Amanda Prior and Bloglovin.

TIP: Featuring one colour on an accent wall or matching different colours can counteract any negative effects of a singular colour.

Embrace a Theme...

Wallpaper is a simple solution for your kid's space, giving you the decorative flexibility to choose a colour, pattern and theme that is relevant to your child to cater to their shifting tastes.
Image via Potterybarn Kids.
 The variety of wallpaper themes or decals can offer something special every animal lover, budding artist or Marvel enthusiast! Read our DIY wallpaper tips here.
Image via Howards Storage World.

TIP: Exhibit your child's very own artwork by framing their special drawings and creations on their bedroom walls. 

No more boring storage...

It's no surprise that kids can get their hands on anything and everything. Labelling the different items in a child's space is a practical way to personalise a space as well as store and organise efficiently.
Image via Potterybarn kids.

Choose cheeky storage boxes for a fun touch and use a range of differently sized transparent storage boxes that can be easily stacked, and quickly recognisable. Be adventurous with your storage, embrace your wall space and get creative with your labels by recycling pages from an old picture book. 
Image via Howards Storage World

TIP: In the wardrobe, opt for coloured and co-ordinated hangers for quick and easy access. Blue hangers can hold pants and red hangers can hold shirts. Read more kid's storage tips here
Whether you are getting ready for a new addition to the family or recreating a colourless space, take an extra moment to add a personal touch, inspire creativity and breathe life into your kid's room. Most importantly, spend more quality time with your little one by leaving the details up to the experts! Get free quotes from your local interior designers or painters to make your child's bedroom dreams a reality!
Find out more about Oneflare here


Monday, 7 September 2015

Miss C's Nursery is in Little One Mag!!

Finally I can announce that Miss C's nursery has been featured in my very favourite magazine - Little One Mag!!

If you picked up the latest edition (Issue 15) and thought you saw a familiar face amongst the pages, then you weren't dreaming, it is us!

Here is a sneak peek...

I am absolutely thrilled beyond words!

Now that it has been featured, it means that I can finally put Miss C's nursery space up on the blog to show you all.

And to celebrate being in the magazine, I have a guest post coming up with tips on personalising your own nursery or children's room. Not to mention a little giveaway with a few of my favourite pieces in the room too (yes that amazing sequin cushion that you all love) - stay tuned!!

Did you see us in the magazine?!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

It's a BOY!!!

Yes a BOY!!

I was right!!
Although I am sure that this is old news if you follow me over on Facebook and Instagram.
Our baby boy (Mr T) arrived in to the world just over 3 weeks ago now (hence the blogging silence!) on Monday 10th August weighing in at 9 pounds and 2 ounces. He was delivered by c-section at 39 weeks on the dot, so goodness knows what he (and I) would have weighed in at with another week under our belts... The doctors were right though in saying that he would be a decent size!
So the girls clothing quickly went back to the shops (thanks hubby) and I was pleased that I was organised this time with clothes for our baby boy on the ready (thanks Mum).
We have been settling in at home now for a few weeks and Mr T has been pretty good (the other two - monsters!!). But Mr T rarely cries, sleeping pretty well (but the other two are waking us up!) and puts up with being kissed, poked and prodded by his super proud big brother and little sister. I am sure everything will change soon and I can kiss that easy-going baby state goodbye.
Hubby is home until next week (dreading him going back to work) and I am going to have to face up to life with 3 kids, 3 and under home with me!!
Oh and here he is...

Look at all that hair - no wonder I had that chronic heartburn!!

A big thank you to the amazing Sam at Knox Portrait Photography for once again capturing the most amazing newborn pics for us!

Lastly I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for all of the messages and comments that I received on his arrival, it made me feel very special indeed.
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