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Purely Scensational Giveaway Enter Here

If you missed out on learning all about Purely Scensational and the amazing mummies behind it, you can catch up on the post by clicking right here!

I am so pleased that Purely Scentsational are offering one very lucky reader the chance to try out out their products, because I know that you will truly love them as much as I do.

Don't forget if you want to try out this range for yourself, until 11th of November 2012 you can get 10% off, you can find out more details on that wonderful little offer here.

Right let's cut to the giveaway chase!

  • Utterly Organised in conjunction with Purely Scentsational are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a sampler pack consisting of 4 fabulous mini soy candles valued at $35.00
  • The Giveaway will be hosted on the Utterly Organised blog and is only open to Australian readers
  • Readers may only enter the competition once, multiple entries will not be accepted
  • The Giveaway will commence at 17:00 AEDST on Monday 29th October 2012, and conclude at 20:00 AEDST on Monday 5th November 2012
  • The winner/s will be drawn by
  • The announcement of the lucky winner/s will be published via the Utterly Organised blog
  • The lucky winner/s will have 7 days to contact Utterly Organised and claim their prize
  • Failure to claim the prize within this period will result in another winner/s being drawn by
  • Prize will be posted to the winner by Purely Scentsational
  • To enter you must like the Utterly Organised Facebook Page and the Purely Scentsational page
  • Reader must enter directly under this blog post by leaving a comment telling me why you or your home needs the fragrance delight of Purely Scentsational
  • Please ensure that your entry contains your full name (first and last name) in order to be accepted in this draw
  • Any questions on the competition can be directed to

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Welcome to Purely Scentsational and a Special Offer for Readers...

I have said this once and I will say it again, being a WAHM (work at home Mum) is a tough gig and I take my hat off to any other fellow Mummies and Daddies in the same boat. I love working with and supporting fellow WAHM's and I am a tad excited to be working with my newest sponsor - Purely Scentsational - which has been created by not one, but two very talented and lovely mummies - Michelle and Rachelle.

Originally the business was set up to fulfil two important needs that both Michelle and Rachelle had - one to find a business that fitted in around their busy and growing families, and two to create a product that was environmentally conscious and safer to use around their children.

Their soy based range of candles are not only an environmentally conscious product choice - but they smell utterly divine at the same time - win, win!!

Each of the products in the range are lovingly produced by hand and the soy wax candle products are made using 100% soy wax that is renewable, sustainable and non toxic at the same time. They do not use any artificial colourings or preservatives in their products and use only the highest quality fragrances and essential oils.  I can tell you first hand that their products really are of an amazing quality and at such an affordable price.

Purely Scentsational is also very proud to be 100% owned and operated.You can read more about the benefits, fabulous product range and even download an e-brochure over at their website here.

I am so pleased to say that as sponsors of the page, Purely Scentsational will be offering my lovely readers special offers, promotions and are kicking off with a little giveaway which will start over here tomorrow.

For now, I definitely recommend getting across to their website or Facebook page to check out the range which is just so reasonably priced. I can personally vouch for the beautiful Cinful Apple fragrance which is just the most delicious fragrance I have come across - EVER!

Special Offer for YOU!

Right now you can enjoy 10% off any purchases made by using the code word UTTERLY in to the checkout section.

This offer is valid until 11th of Novmber 2012, so take advantage right now. These beautiful products make the most amazing gifts for family or friends for birthdays or with Christmas just around the corner.

The giveaway will open right here tomorrow...

Sock Monkey Themed 1st Birthday

For some of my readers who may not be aware, in addition to a little bit of blogging and my mummy duties, I also operate a little Event Hire, Styling and Candy Buffet business under the Utterly Organised banner. If you'd like to know a bit more about it you can find further information right here and follow my event based adventures and inspiration on my other Facebook page too if you'd like!

I am a work at home Mum and I just LOVE it and thoroughly enjoy the interaction with so many different clients and working on so many different events - from 1st, 21st, 30th and 50th birthday parties, to engagements and weddings and even some Corporate events in the mix too!

Things have been really busy of late, and I am so fortunate to have worked on some really amazing events that I haven't had the chance to share with you! I am going to try and post up some more pictures for you here on the blog as you never know I might have a theme, design or even just an idea that you can use for yourself or for your kiddies in the future!

One of my recent events that I worked on was a 'Sock Monkey' themed first birthday party for a little boy. I was contacted by the mother only a few weeks out from the party and I am just thrilled with how quickly and brilliantly everything was pulled together.

Well what do you think?

I have to say that I am completely blessed to be working with my partner in crime - Karen - from Be Design Solutions. Karen is the genius that has designed the framed sign and all of the tags for the candy jars. If you'd love to use this printable set for an upcoming party, then pop on over and see Karen and she now has this range in her collection with so many more printed items that you can use too.

Of course if you are in Melbourne and would like to hire some items for your next event or have me help you out, please do get in contact as I would love to work with you too!

I will be sure to feature more client events very soon and you can always feel free to browse any of my Facebook albums that contain many images from my events that may not make the blog. I am getting ready for 3 events this weekend as well as starting to plan a very special birthday party for Mr B in December - cannot wait!

Party wear: including glass jars, scoops, tongs, tin pails, cake stand, drink dispensers, milk bottles etc are available to hire from Utterly Organised
Candy Buffet Tags and Framed sign: Designed by Be Design Solutions
Photographs: Haven Lifestyle Photography
Client Organised: Cake, Props and remaining printed materials

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Top Tips for a Tip Top Closet!

Well unless you haven’t hit the shops in say, oh 6 months, (is it just me or do they wheel out the ‘next’ season clothes earlier and earlier each year?!), you'll be well aware that Spring/Summer fashion really is in full swing. I always find that as the end of a season is over – adios Winter- it is a fabulous idea to do your closet cleanout to make room for all the beautiful new season threads that you want to get your hands on!

If you still find that you have not done your ‘post winter’ cleanout – don’t despair - there is no time like the present to get on with it. I thought that I would share a few of my tips for a top closet cleanout...

If you haven’t done a declutter of your wardrobe for quite some time (or at all!), set aside some time in your diary where you can focus on the task at hand without the interruption of the phone – kids – husband – dog – whatever it is that distracts you!

I find that it is best to do a little cleanout after each season has passed as you can see what you did and did not wear for the season. Chances are that if you spent an entire season without wearing an item in your closet, that you won’t wear it again with that season rolls around again – get rid of it!

One of my lovely readers suggests holding on to it for a set period of time (in a box or basket) and if you haven't reached for it in a set period of time, be gone with it!!

If you find that your closet is bursting at the seams, consider ‘archiving’ your out of season clothes. That way you won’t be wasting time wading through racks of jumpers in summer trying to find something to wear when it is 36 degrees outside.

After that season has passed, you are unlikely to need your clothes until the season approaches again in 9 or so month’s time. That is right – you really won’t need 12 shoestring dresses in the thick of Winter – trust me!

Vacuum packed bags, archive boxes, or under-bed storage tubs are brilliant for this. Clearly label the box eg. Summer, so that you know what to get out when the new season approaches.

Source: Howards Storage World
By keeping only current season items in your wardrobe you will not only save space, but time in the morning by being presented by only the options suitable for the season.

Handy hint to Melbournians – remember to keep at least a few cardis and jackets at arms length because you know Melbourne – 40 degrees one day and 11 the next – I am not kidding!!

What to keep? What to toss?

Ask yourself - Does the garment fit? Does it make me feel amazing? Have I worn this in the last few months? Is it damaged and not likely to be repaired? Do I have anything to go with it?

If you answer NO to any of the above, time to part ways!

It can be so difficult to get rid of items that have ‘historical’ value to you, that is you cannot dare to part with ‘said dress’ because you wore it 12 years ago when you met the love of your life. You really don’t need to treat your closet like a ‘museum’ of clothing of past eras.

Same goes for the wedding dress that can almost take up half a closet on its own.

This really is me in my wedding dress which is packed away!
If you truly must hang on to it, consider vacuum packing this and storing it in the garage or shed or under your bed. That is where I store my wedding gown pictured above from my big day in 2008.
Source: Howards Storage World

Do you have 10 pairs of black pants or maybe 40 pairs of jeans?! Sound familiar? You really don’t need to have 100 items of the same thing, pick the best and throw out the rest!

I must admit that I am guilty of this one at times. I will often see a dress that I think will be perfect for a ball or a wedding. But the truth is my lifestyle is not about attending fabulous parties or nightclubs every weekend like it may have once been pre-baby.

If you are holding on to items in your closet for a lifestyle that you wish you had rather than the lifestyle you actually have - then get rid of it!

Being on one wage or being on a budget can be a strain on your clothing allowance. But what better way to raise money for new season clothes than by selling those un-wanted garments?!

Ebay is absolutely fabulous for this, however if you are cleaning out ‘post season’, then I suggest boxing up items and waiting until that season rolls around again before you list your clothes on ebay. That way your clothes will fetch a ‘prettier penny’ selling in season, rather than out of season.
If there are items that are damaged, or just not worth selling – do a good deed and donate to your local charity store.

Some of my recent ebay sales ready to post!

One of the the best pieces of advice that I received from the Style Workshop I attended last month(if you missed my review on this, you can read about it here) was to fill your wardrobe with clothes you love and that make you look and feel fabulous and nothing less. Great advice for everyone! 
Why look and feel less than fabulous when there is fashion like this around?! Source: Review Australia
If you have garments that make you feel anything but, then time to put them in a big black garbage bag and part ways – pronto!!

Sorting your closet can be highly emotional and difficult for so many of us. Why not enlist the help of a family member or friend (with an objective attitude) or seek the advice of a professional? It might make this job a little easier to do.

What is your top tip for a tip top closet? When is the last time you cleaned out your closet? I’ll feature some closet ‘organising’ tips before the Summer season ends!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Personal Style Workshop: Was it Worthwhile? What does it Involve?

Back in September I was invited to attend a 'Personal Style Workshop' run by Style with Cindy. I used to think that personal style was something that I was well across, but since having Mr B it has been a whole new ball game!!

Not only do  have a totally new shape and size to contend with, but my wardrobe needs are just so different to where I was at a few short years ago. Like many Mums post baby, I was in a bit of a style rut and for the past 10 months since having B I have been wearing pyjamas and tracksuit pants more than I'd care to admit! To say that I really needed a bit of help on how to dress the new 'mummy' me was a bit of an understatement.

The Style Worshop ran over the course of a full day at Style with Cindy HQ at Chadstone Shopping Centre here in Melbourne. I must admit that it was somewhat of a luxury for me to spend a full day on my own - no Mr B (I did miss him to bits though)! When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised that the group size for the day was nice and small, it guaranteed us a lot of personal one one one attention with the style guru herself - Cindy Newstead.

The main three themes of the day were:
  • Defining your own personal style
  • Dressing correctly for your body shape
  • Using colours to enhance your complexion

After working through an initial little exercise, I found that my personal style was a mix of classic and elegant, which did not surprise me too much. I am not really one that gravitates towards dramatic or overly 'sexy' fashions. Generally when I buy something it is something classic that I know that I'll be able to wear year after year as these days the one wage situation is a bit limiting on the old clothes budget (anyone relate here?!).

Cindy then worked through our 'body shape', which I was a little bit nervous about, especially when I saw a tape measure for the first time in a good few years! Rather than classify everyone using the traditional 'pear' 'apple' etc, Cindy's method of establishing body shape is far more advanced. Cindy works with 3 variables to establish body shape - horizontal proportions, vertical proportions and your body features. Together the 'results' give you a more thorough understanding about how to balance, hide or enhance your individual body shape.

The results showed that I was an inverted triangle (with hips narrower than shoulders), that I had longer legs and shorter body (I had always thought I was the other way around). I was then provided with a very comprehensive and detailed list of what does suit me and what I should be looking for, from my clothing and even where I should be shopping for my body type. I have to say that this has made shopping so much easier and I no longer waste hours and hours trying on clothes only to be disappointed. 

Some of my take home literature which has become my bible!!

For example Cindy told me that with my body shape the Peplum style, that I had been seeing everywhere, would look great. Previously I wouldn't have gone near this trend with a 10 foot pole, but you know what when I tried it on it was amazing to see just how much this look really suited me and my shape.

Source: Portmans

The last major part of the day was a personal colour coding session designed to establish the colours that balance and harmonise you and enhance your complexion at the same time. I used to be a bit of a 'black and white' gal. I could see that it wasn't really doing much for me but it was safe and I never really knew what colours worked for me. This little exercise was another life changer, you can see below the colours that were found to suit me.

I have to say out of all of these colours, I probably wouldn't have thought the vast majority would have suited me. But after seeing just how amazing colour does look on me, I have totally embraced the advice and gone a little colour crazy! Out of all of my recent purchases lately there has not been a hint of black and white in sight.

One of my recent purchases in Magenta, a colour I NEVER would have picked but now adore! Source: Portmans

So did it change the way I think and dress? You bet it did!!

One of the things that really resonated with me was when Cindy said that you shouldn't leave your clothes waiting for a 'better' occasion. Her suggestions to start enjoying your wardrobe and love every thing you own and don't have anything in your wardrobe that doesn't make you look and feel great were ones that have really changed the way I dress. These messages were ones that I think that we could all learn so much from. I am sure that we all have clothes that we 'save' rather than enjoy and by the same token why do we hang on to those clothes that don't make us look and feel fabulous is beyond me, but we all do it!

As soon as I got home from the session, I went home and did a BIG cleanout and declutter and started making way for some new items that I love with all my heart and I know suit my new body shape. I will be sharing some of my tips as well as some of the ones learned at the session, over the next few days. This time of year is just perfect for a bit of a wardrobe declutter session!

Further information on sessions, dates and the services offered by Style with Cindy can be found over at their website. There is another session being held in Melbourne in December as well as one on the sunny Gold Coast.

A BIG thank you to Cindy for having me as a guest for the session, you really have changed not only the way that I dress but the way I feel about my body shape and I am hoping to book in a shopping trip with you very soon!! Whilst I certainly still consider my trackies a staple in my wardrobe, I will try and retire them a bit more :-)

Monday, 22 October 2012

Four Fabulous Freebie Fridays: Week 4 Winner Is...

Time to announce the very winner of the Benjibox Clear Shoe Organisers!! A big congratulations to the winner....
Michelle, I really hope that enjoy organising and storing your prized shoe collection with the Benjibox products. If you can please email me at, with your address details I will arrange to get your set of 10 right to you! I cannot wait to hear how you find these amazing products.

Thanks to everyone that entered this giveaway and a BIG thanks to the lovely Penny at Benjibox for taking part in this giveaway.

Guest Blogger - Baubles, Bubbles & Bags: Organising your Make-Up Collection

Today I am delighted to welcome the very lovely Norlin from the amazing blog Baubles, Bubbles & Bags. Norlin's fabulous page shares tips, on fashion, beauty and lifestyle for women with high end taste but a discerning budget. She believes that you can attain the style that you want without having to splurge and it's all about knowing your own personal style, taste and being smart with where and when you shop. It is also one of my very favourites, so thank you Norlin for popping by to be a guest blogger!

Organising Your Make-Up
Ever wondered how long you should keep that favourite lipstick for? Or how long you can use that particular mascara before they start spreading those dreaded germs to your precious eyes and also, how often should you wash your make-up brushes and sponges? Whether you use that particular lipstick, foundation or mascara often or not, the thing is, like food and medication, make-up does have its own shelf life too. 

Lipsticks are pretty long lasting and can last up to 2 years. But, it also depends on how you store it. Like every other make-up, perfume and medication, keep it OUT OF SUNLIGHT and in a cool dry place.  Despite it lasting up to 2 years, I would suggest throwing it out once it starts to taste a bit funny.  You don’t want to risk any bacteria lingering on your lips and getting into your mouth.

Because mascara is used around the eye area, and comes into contact with the bacteria in the air each time we use it, the longest you should keep yours is 6 months once it’s been opened.  This is to reduce any potential bacteria that you might transfer onto your eyes and causing any unwanted complications. 


Liquid and oil based foundation should once again, be kept in a cool and dry area and only be kept for a maximum of 1 1/2 years.  You will notice the difference once you push further than the 2 years. The formula would look different even from the naked eye rendering it useless to use on your face. Plus you don’t know what chemical reaction would have occurred after the use by date and you really don’t want to risk applying that to your skin, which might cause an unwanted reaction.

Similar to foundations, the shelf life of concealers is around the 1 ½ to 2 year mark. But it also depends on what you use to apply it. If you’re using your fingers to apply to your face, I would suggest keeping that only for 6 to 8 months.  If you apply using a brush, provided you wash your brushes weekly, then yes, it can last up to the 2 year mark.

How often should we wash our make-up brushes & sponges?

Personally, I wash my make-up sponge each time I’ve used them. Imagine this, you’ve used the clean sponge to apply your foundation. Then use it again the next day, with yesterday’s remnants still on the sponge. First, you’re re-applying yesterday’s used up foundation plus the new one onto your skin. Secondly, after apply the first time, you would already be collecting bacteria on the sponge that has left out in the open plus the ones collected from your skin while you were applying previously. So I would advise you to wash it each time you use it and then air dry it naturally.  Wash it in warm, soapy water. You can either invest in a brush cleaning solution or use a really mild detergent.

With brushes – and I’m talking about blusher and eyeshadow brushes – you would need to clean it weekly, once again with a mild detergent or a brush cleaning solution. For foundation brushes, I would suggest doing the same with what you would a make-up sponge. After washing your brush, simply leave it to dry on a dry towel. Another way to protect and dry your brushes quickly would be to invest in these brush guards, at only $7.95 for a pack of 4. The brush guards not only cut your drying time in half but keep them in shape.
Good brushes can last years, whilst sponges are best only kept for 6 to 8 months as they do disintegrate and tend to collect bacteria a lot more.
If you were wondering what sort of items you should have as part of your basic make-up kit, be sure to check out the post I did previously outlining the very basics right down the the full kit.

Thank you again Norlin for the wonderful piece, you have definitely encouraged me to have a bit of a cull and clean up of my make up supplies this Spring!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Organise your Shoes with Benjibox Clear Shoe Boxes... I have!!

With a little collection of 130 odd pairs of shoes (disclaimer - this was at last count, there may or may not have been a few purchases since then!), I might be considered to be somewhat of a shoe fan....

For those that caught one of my earlier posts, you may recall that I used to house some of my shoes in my DIY Ikea shoe wardrobe until it was sadly relocated to our garage. This move wasn't my choice, but rather one of the sacrifices of being a mummy, as the room formerly known as my 'shoe room' is now Mr B's playroom (which I must share with you all soon by the way).

It hasn't been ideal to have my shoes out in the 'wild' of the garage and I did shed a tear or two when my shoe friends left the safety of my home. So when I was recently contacted by the lovely Penny from Benjibox to try out their clear shoe organisers, I jumped at the chance. I really needed to find a solution to store and organise my shoes and show them the care and respect that they deserve!

I have used my set of Benjibox shoe organisers to store and organise the shoes that I tend to wear on a not so frequent basis, such as my wedding shoes (that I cannot bare to part with) and other formal heels that unfortunately only ever seem to see daylight when someone gets hitched or Spring Racing season rolls around.

These also tend to be my more expensive heels, that I don't want collecting the dust and grime that the garage can bring. The design of the Benjibox is fabulous as it not only protects from dust and debris, but it also allows my 'ladies' to breathe when stored.

I have looked at purchasing a shoe organisers in the past, however I found some of them to be a bit difficult to access the shoes and to be honest and bit 'flimsy' looking. The Benjibox is an amazing quality product, instead of being just a box the design incorporates a 'drawer' so you simply slide them in and out, it couldn't be easier to store and access your shoes.

They also have rubber anti-slip pads that allow the boxes to stack on one another securely and without toppling over when you try to access the shoes.

I recently recommended the Benjibox to a friend of mine who was seeking advice on how she should store and organise her children's shoes. We found that we could store 3 - 4 pairs per box and this was perfect for her needs. These are a truly versatile product and would be a great storage and organisation solution for craft needs and the like. I would be using these for my paper punch supply if I didn't have so many shoes needing a nice home.

I am so thankful to Penny at Benjibox for allowing me to try these, and even more so for letting me give one set of 10 away!! If you haven't entered the giveaway, please pop on over now to do it as the competition is ending tomorrow night and trust me you don't want to miss out!!

If your shoe collection could do with a bit of TLC and organisation, then head on over to Benjibox and order yourself a set - trust me your shoes will thank you for it!

Are you a shoe fan too? How many pairs do you own?! Don't let me feel like I am alone here!!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Guest Blogger - Mama Stylista: How to Wear Lace like A Duchess!

I hope you enjoyed the guest post by the amazing Chelsea at I Heart Bargains earlier on in the week, if you missed it you can still catch it right here. Today I am so excited to feature another amazing blogger - Mama Stylista.

Mama Stylista is a Mother, Stylist, Presenter and Blogger with over 15 years experience in fashion having worked as a model, fashion buyer and stylist. Mama Stylista is also a trained TV presenter and host. Originally from London and now living in Sydney, Australia with her husband and son, 'Mama Stylista' was born in May 2012 to combine her two loves (excluding her husband of course) Motherhood & Fashion!

Over at the blog (and Facebook page) you will find fashion tips and finds, 'What I Wore' posts, Reviews, Competitions and so much more. Mama Stylista regularly blogs at Parenting Australia and has a column in Eastern Suburbs paper ‘Latte Life’ - what a busy and talented little lady!! I feel so blessed that she is my guest blogger today offering up her on trend advice and fabulous fashion finds....

How to Wear Lace like A Duchess!

Image Credit
Image Credit
Image Credit
Lace is a big trend for summer but unfortunately it is very tricky to wear! You can get it very, very wrong but Duchess Kate manages to get it right every time. Here are some dresses I found to help you wear lace like a Duchess.


Ladylike Lace-wearing Tips
  • Wear neutral colours, nothing garish
  • Knee length hem-lime
  • No Cleavage
  • Hair in up-do or partially up
  • Minimal jewellery
  • Accessorize with a clutch and nude pumps
Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment for this post. All opinions are my own.

Be sure to check out Mama Stylista's blog and also Facebook page for some more fabulous inspiration. Thank you so much for being such an amazing guest, now excuse me while I head over to check out that little number from Witchery....

PS: Don't forget to enter the Benjibox shoe organiser giveaway that is running this week, you can pop over and place your entry right here. Good luck!
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