Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I Heart Bargains Guest Blogger: Finding a Spring Racing Outfit without Breaking the Bank!

Typically on a Tuesday, I like to celebrate the day with 'Cheap & Cheerful Tuesday! So what better guest blogger to have over at Utterly Organised today than the lovely Chelsea who is a natural born bargain shopper and Founder of I Heart Bargains, a website that celebrates wonderfully cheap items under $100!

Chelsea is a first time mum who came up with the idea of the site because staying stylish was important to her but spending big was no longer an option (I am sure we can all relate here!). She focuses on trawling for others and posting her best finds so everyone can get a delicious slice of the fashion pie! And that's amongst a real job in PR and running around (in fashionably cheap flats) after her 12 month old son, Jude.

Chelsea very kindly agreed to show off some bargain finds for those lucky enough to be heading to the Spring Racing carnival, or perhaps those that are just looking for a bargain outfit for an upcoming event or Christmas party. Whatever the occasion, I am sure you will love Chelsea's guest piece....

Finding a Spring Racing Outfit without Breaking the Bank!

Finding a spring races outfit, without breaking the bank, is tough.
Before you go blowing $300 on a dress and even more on a pair of heels, check out what good looking bargains I’ve pulled together, for a day at the races.
Narrowing the fields of fashion right down, I’ve covered:
1.       Florals,
2.       Popping neon, and
3.       Brightly patterned pieces.
I’ve teamed and themed some the garments so you can either mix and match with what you currently own or buy fresh, with every garment well under $100.

A midi length dress for the races is smart for when you decide to get silly. A classy length and only $31. Because of the black trim, go crazy with black and gold accessories. The TopShop shoes are banging (gold detail gives them the x-factor) and you’ll wear them again and again.

Obviously not to be worn altogether, these fashion items are all statements unto themselves. You could take anything here and put with big floppy hat and oversized sunnies. Don’t overcomplicate. There’s black and then there’s white. No need for anything more. Although if you wanted a friend for the $50 Target heels, a red dress would be superb.

Pop with colour. Grab a champas. Get heads turning. I’ve created a lime ‘n’ silver ensemble here that’s hard to resist. Get yourself some stick on boobies (I find www.secretweapons.com.au does the trick for anything you’re trying to stick and hide). Slip your feet into silver. You’re all glamour and guaranteed of  fun with this one.
Find out where you can score more bargains under $100 at www.iheartbargains.com.au and don't forget to check out the Facebook page too for regular inspiration! Thanks so much Chelsea for your piece!


  1. great tips - loving those polka dot shoes too :)

    1. Thanks so much Sonia, I am a bit of a fan too! Word is that the heels are now $40 at Target too....

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