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Four Fabulous Freebie Fridays: Week 4 - Benjibox Shoe Organiser Giveaway!

Well we come to the fourth and final week of Four Fabulous Freebie Fridays (even though I might be one day late!), I hope that you have all enjoyed the giveaways and congratulations to the winners so far!!

Over the next week or so, I am going to be running a special little fashion/beauty/wardrobe segment that will feature some amazing guest bloggers who I know you will love just as much as I do! I will be telling you a bit more about what is in store soon...

What better way to whet your appetite for a bit of wardrobe organising and fashion, than with a set of 10 fabulous shoe organisers from Benjibox?! I have a set of 10 Shoe boxes up for grabs for one very lucky winner (valued at $99.50).

Image Source: Benjibox

If you are a bit of a shoe fan (I don't know too many females that aren't) then you are going to love these clear and stackable shoe organisers for your prized collection. I will be showing these in action very soon on the blog but you can check out the product and receive more information over on the Benjibox website.

  • Utterly Organised in conjunction with Benjibox are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a set of 10 shoe organisers valued at $99.50.
  • The Giveaway will be hosted on the Utterly Organised blog and is only open to Australian readers
  • Readers may only enter the competition once, multiple entries will not be accepted
  • The Giveaway will commence at 17:00 AEDST on Saturday 13th October 2012, and conclude at 20:00 AEDST on Saturday 20th October 2012
  • The winner/s will be drawn by
  • The announcement of the lucky winner/s will be published via the Utterly Organised blog
  • The lucky winner/s will have 7 days to contact Utterly Organised and claim their prize
  • Failure to claim the prize within this period will result in another winner/s being drawn by
  • Prize will be posted to the winner by a representative from Benjibox
  • To enter you must like the Utterly Organised Facebook Page and the Benjibox Facebook Page
  • Reader must enter directly under this blog post by leaving a comment telling me what your favourite style of shoe is
  • Please ensure that your entry contains your full name (first and last name) in order to be accepted in this draw
  • Any questions on the competition can be directed to


  1. I love any style of shoe, but comfortable mid-heel and black would be my favourite as it is so versatile. I usually go for a sensible shoe, but I do love some knee high boots as well!
    These boxes would be fantastic to organise my shoe collection, I believe that I have a shoe for all occasions but they are all so messy that it is hard to see what I actually have.

    Alice Richardson

  2. Kim Maxwell galwayst@hotmail.com13 October 2012 at 17:28

    I love all kinds of high heels, they make every outfit fantastic!! Also I am short, so they help with that too.

  3. I love peep toe shoes with medium-high heels.
    I'm short so need all the height help I can get, but with a small bub I have to wear sensible shoes.
    I've heard lots of rave reviews of these benji boxes. Would love the chance to check them out for myself.

    Fatin Mustaq

  4. My favourite style of shoe is my 'internet shopping style'. Wow I've never brought shoes over the net, but now I have there is no turning back! This particular style was hot pink, high heel sandal. Perfect for work, and fun this summer! I'll need these boxes as I'm thinking my shoe collection may double in the coming months thanks to the humble world wide web!!
    Gabby Howlett

  5. I love pink shoes! I'm not sure why I have a fascination with them but I do... fluro pink runners, hot pink heels, pale pink flats - you name it, I've got it... in pink :) And it would be great to easily view what's in my wardrobe with these great boxes!!
    Donna Wallace

  6. I love wedges, its comfortable and adds the height needed to kiss my 6 feet tall hubby without him breaking his back bending over;)
    Ying Ying TAN

    1. My fb name is Joyce Tan, in case you need to verify entry.

  7. Since my transition from the corporate world to the world of motherhood I like flat, black shoes that I can slip on and flick off quickly.
    Karlene Forrest

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I love boots, but I don't like winter, go figure. Medium heel, soft leather, easy & comfy to clomp around in, they look great too :)

    Sue Bou

  10. Thongs. Comfy and easy to take off when shopping!

  11. I love the high wedges..... so so so comfy and give me some height!

  12. Monika Livingston14 October 2012 at 12:32

    I love the high wedges..... so so so comfy and give me some height!

  13. I hate wearing heels especially when lugging 8kg baby around but for summer you cant beat a nice pair of wedge heels whatever the height you can still walk! If i win the boxes i might just have to go shoe shopping....

  14. I love a good peep toe with a wedge heel and may or may not have several pairs in various colours x

  15. I live in ballet flats and thongs and own way too many different styles and colours. At the moment they are all thrown together in a basket, but I would love to have them organised in lovely Benjiboxes!
    Thanks for a great giveaway,
    Kim Saunders

  16. I used to love love love heals, but with two kids, my fav pair of shoes (AC - after children) has to be dressy thongs/sandles, they can be worn casual or with a dress, and can be thrown on in an instant! The benjiboxes look awesome, and would be great to keep the dust out and my hayfever at bay. :) What a fabulous invention. Thanks for sharing & the chance to win some to start the collection!
    Leah Mayes

  17. I'm a fan of both pages as Kate Ryan on Facebook :)

    For everyday wear I love sneakers, but sandals can be dressed up or down, so I often wear those out - especially in summer.

    kate1485 at hotmail dot com

  18. I love a peep toe wedge, they always look amazing but are comfortable to walk in as well. def my favourite type of shoe and i loooove shoes

    Alice Mitchell
    fb username - Alice Catblack

  19. I love thongs because they're comfy and I don't get blisters

  20. Ballerina flats is my favourite style of shoe. Love to wear them with colour denim.

  21. I adore peep toe. They're so cute and complementary to feet.
    Maria Pennisi

  22. I'm not a heels fan at all, so my favourite type of shoe are lace up trainers or canvas shoes :-)

  23. Flats are my favourite style. I'm on the taller side so anything with too much of a heel leaves me looking over the top of people or having to lean down to hear a conversation!

  24. I love flats -it's easy on my legs

  25. I love ballet flats. They're comfy and easy to wear for long treks into uni but I can get them in all sorts of cute colours and styles to go with my outfits!

    Charlotte Scotton
    everbloom 36 @ hotmail . com

  26. I am a bit of a thong girl myself (foot thongs that is lol). Can easily slip them on they are comfy, and there are some great styles available these days, far from the old double plugger days.

    If I did have to choose something else I would pick wedges, for me they are a good compromise on heels, which I am terrible at wearing, but sometimes need some extra height.

  27. I have to say it's heels all the way for me!! Medium - not too high - as much as I'd love the super high spunky heels I am already tall so mid height is best for me! Any style - bright, patterns, solids, classic black!

    Olivia Rondeau

  28. I love stiletto type of shoes and platform heels type of shoes although they can be uncomfortable to wear. But they absolutely look sexy & beautiful. However since I have an active 2.5 yo, I love wearing ballet flats & nice strappy tongs or sandals...they are comfy & looks great too and practical. ;)

    Would love to have those nice shoe box to keep the shoes clean & tidy.

    Marta Zeng

  29. I have a huge shoe fetish and have to buy new shoes every week.
    Favourite style is paltform with high heels.
    I love TUK brand as nothing says "look at my shoes" like having a pair that stand out in a crowd.

    Amanda Furnell

  30. Love ballet flats...easy to wear, everyday styles and fashion colours!

  31. Having two young children to chase after I love ballet flats and thongs. The beautiful colours at the moment mean I have lots of new pairs needing a home in my wardrobe ;)

  32. Since being a mum, my head and heart opt for comfort. Flat shoes are my best friend. Oooooh and wedges!
    Kasia Woodman

  33. Being nearly six feet tall, l love FLATS of all types, but especially my TOMS canvas shoes... Comfy, a little different and supporting a good cause too.

    Jennifer Bush

  34. I love wedges, always have. It gives me height without the risk of falling on my face :) Dianne Childs

  35. I love all shoes... Unfortunately I've had to give most of mine away since having children !! Nobody told me that feet grew along with your waist :)
    Sarah Firth

  36. I love shoes and at the moment it's all about colour. Wedges are the comfy higher options and you just can't go past the ever versatile ballet flat.
    Michelle Crampton

  37. As a mum I just LOVE my ballet flats that can be quickley put on and still look very stylish. I also love my very comfortable ILA goggers for when I'm on the go.
    Kylie Kennedy

  38. I love ballet flats... they're comfy, yet more stylish than runners.

    Olivia Glenn

  39. Mine would have to be ballet flats! I live in them all the time. Anything easy to walk in is preferable.


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