Sunday, 10 June 2012

Thermomix: A Thermo What?!!

How can you not love a single kitchen device that has the capabilities of over 10 kitchen appliances in just one compact machine?

First of all I must preface this post by saying that I am in no way affiliated or bring paid to comment on the Thermomix, I just wanted to share my thoughts on this little appliance with you all.

In the quest to being ‘Utterly Organised’ with a little one, this machine goes a long way…..

For those that have no idea what I am talking about, Thermomix claims that their machine is “the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market today. Thermomix unites the functions of over 10 appliances in one compact unit”. 

I purchased this machine a little over 4 months ago now and I have to admit that it has completely changed my life. Gone are countless jars, tins and packets of preservative laden foods and in their place is a load of fresh and raw ingredients that are instantly turned in to the most delicious, quick and easy meals and snacks.

Want sorbet in 20 seconds – done. Custard in 7 minutes – done. Butter in one minute – done. Cake mixed in 30 seconds – done, done, done!

Today I made porridge, crumpets, banana muffins, apricot cookies, baguettes, peanut butter, satay sauce, vegetable lasagne and two batches of puree for Master Brodie. All from scratch and all using one bowl! How long do you think that it took me for this lot? 9 hours? 16 hours? All day? I kids you not that all of this was done in less than 2 hours and that is with a grizzly baby in tow!

It does sound all too good to be true doesn’t it?!

Well the only catch to this machine is the price tag and at just shy of $2000 – this little baby is not cheap! But for those that love the idea of being able to iron or play with your baby whilst having a healthy homemade risotto cook itself in under 15 minutes, then I definitely suggest that you contact Thermomix for a demo of this machine (qualms about the price aside!).

There is no end to this machines capabilities and talents and in my quest to try and eliminate a few nasties from the families diet, this machine reigns supreme. It cooks everything to perfection and even the most novice cook will have a very hard time burning or ruining a dish!

Tomorrow is pizza scrolls, veggie soup, carrot and apple muffins, cape seed bread, pancakes, smoothies and an apricot chicken risotto to boot…..

I will be sure to feature more on the Thermomix on the blog.

Have a Thermomix? Would love to hear your thoughts and favorite recipes.
Thermomix: Kitchen Wonder!


  1. For those who say that the Thermomixcan’t do everything well you’re right. I don’t think there is a kitchen appliance today that can do everything. The beauty of it is that it can do a lot of functions well and has proven to be a great addition in the kitchen.

    1. Hi Prinjie, I totally agree with you. I still find myself using my trusty kitchen aid as well for some cake recipes over my Thermomix.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and your comments.

  2. Hi Allison. My favourite recipes to make is Chicken Chimichangas and banana cake...oh, and chicken curry, and pizza dough.....I love my thermomix xxx

    1. Hi Kelly, we are BIG banana bread/cake fans here too! I love the sound of your Chickem Chimichangas - I will have to look them up!

  3. Love my Thermomix too - a total sanity saver especially with 4 kids in tow!! Love it for making the baby food (while I do other stuff) - with one thing to wash after! :)

    1. Wow 4 kids Kaycee - how blessed you are!! I agree, saves so much time (and sanity!). Thanks so much for stopping by x


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