Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Finding love in unexpected places…..

No, no, no. I am not talking about the cute guy or gal that you have been checking out when you recently picked up your dry cleaning, or visited your local supermarket. I am talking about the kind of ‘love’ that comes with finding something utterly fabulous, for next to nothing, at a spot where you would least expect it….

Like an exact copy (but better looking) of this year’s Prada Boots reduced to $10 at your local Target store.

Now before you log off and get to Target pronto – this was just an example – sorry to get you so excited. But if you happen to find ‘said’ boots, do let me know, I would be down to the shops as quick as a flash!!

This week I found my unexpected love at K-mart….

The perfect Office organising set - at the perfect price!
With starting my own little business, my little home office was looking in dire need of a bit of organising to cope with the extra paperwork going on, so finding this little set above came at a perfect time.

The cost? A measly $7!!!! Amazing - you cannot even get a glass of cask wine for that these days!

With 6 pieces in this set including:
  • A large storage box (as you can see, perfect size for ribbons and craft)
  • Magazine File
  • In-tray
  • Pen Cup (sadly pen not included, but hey what can you expect for this price!!)
  • Letter/Note pad holder (note pad not included)
  • A memo cube with paper

This works out at just $1.15 a piece – such a bargain and it is very stylish too - even if I do say so myself!

Not only did it come in the classic black and white above, but it comes in a gorgeous colourful aqua/green and white combo pictured below.

I purchased a couple in this colour combo as well to use the storage boxes in Mr B’s room.

My hubby is on holidays for the next few days, so I am going to use this time to get stuck in to putting this gorgeous little set in to action and tidy and organise my study nook.

Have you found ‘love’ in an unexpected place this week?! Would love to hear details of your bargain!

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