Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Slightly obsessed with Cube Storage…..

As I found myself at the Target checkout yesterday afternoon with not one, but two storage cube units that I had purchased that day, I wondered if I had a condition that could only be described as mild obsession with cube units?!

What is not to love about these compact yet utterly attractive units that disguise and house one million Fisher Price toys in to one organised space?! You can go from disaster site to organised house in a matter of seconds by stuffing items in these fabulous things! I have to date 4 storage cube units in my home and as the number of toys continue to breed and multiply so are the number of cube units that I seem to be acquiring!

If you are short on storage space in your house or simply like me and wanting to regain space on your floor to actually make it to your kitchen without breaking a limb, then look no further than the humble cube unit. These can house all matter of objects and are perfect in the kids playroom, bedroom, office or living area and for all your storage needs from books to dvds, shoes and clothing and just about anything that you can manage to shove in to one!

Now we all know just have fantastic the Ikea Expedit unit is (we also have one of these too!), however if you are after something a little lighter on the purse strings then Target might have the answer for you….

Exhibit A below is a Target 9 cube unit that retails for $59.00. Target regularly has these discounted at 40% and sometimes 50% off. We managed to snare one for $29.00 which was such a bargain! This unit is perfect for our lounge area where Mr B and I currently do most of our play time.  On the assembly front, this rates at 5 stars. Hubby managed to put this together with no dramas or swear words – definitely a record.

Exhibit A - Source: Target

Exhibit B below is the fabulous fabric storage cube boxes also from trusty Target. They retail for $10 but keep your eye out as Target regularly discount these too (we picked them up for $5 last week). They also come in blue, red, purple and pink – so you are sure to find a hue to suit your color scheme. For kids, I think that these are great labeled to encourage kids to pack away their toys or belongings after use in to the right spot (well we all can dream can’t we?!).

Exhibit B - Source: Target

We have the white unit with green fabric cubes and I must say that in our grey/white living area it looks lovely and fresh. The white unit would be fantastic for you to unleash your creative skills on, by decorating with paint and stencils.

Now I know that there are countless cube units out there on the market, but at such a pretty price I thought it would be criminal not to share this little one with you all.

Are you slightly cube obsessed as well?!

Note: For all my readers in the States you are in luck! These units are also stocked at Target in the States for $51.99. Why do you always get things so much cheaper than us ‘down under’?!

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