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Spring Cleaning and Organising your Bathroom - My Top Tips and Ideas!

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What is it about Spring that leaves us with the motivation to dust away the cobwebs and get ready for the sunny days ahead? Sure enough as soon as the mercury rises above 14 degrees here in Melbourne (hey that's warm for us!), I too start to get ready to Spring Clean our home, yard and wardrobe (and usually have a bit of  panic about fitting in to my summer clothes after that Winter comfort eating!!).
I recently asked you guys over on my Facebook page to nominate the areas you wanted me to focus on with a few ideas and tips for Organising and Spring Cleaning your home, and the response was Laundry and Bathroom. So today I will focus on the Bathroom and later on this week it will be the Laundry...

Create a Cleaning Kit

Tip number one is an absolute must! The first thing to do before embarking on your big Spring Clean is to make sure you have your cleaning essentials ready. Honestly a popping all of your items in a little kit makes not only Spring Cleaning, but regular house cleaning SO much easier.

You can pop all of your cleaning essentials in the one basket/box or container and it will save you multiple trips back and forth to change cleaning products over as you go around the house.

My cleaning kit contains:

- Dettol Healthy Clean Bathroom Trigger
- Dettol Healthy Clean Kitchen Cleaner
- Dettol Surface Cleanser Wipes
- Dettol Healthy Clean Bathroom Rapid Foam
- Method Window Cleaner
- Aldi Leather Cleaner spray(we have two leather couches)
- Rubber Gloves
- Sponge
- Chamois for Window/Glass Cleaning

Having a little cleaning kit also keeps all of your products neat and tidy if you stash all of your cleaning products under the kitchen sink.

Tackle the Bathroom Cupboards

Bathroom cupboards can be a source of clutter and disarray - well I know that mine used to be as I LOVE collecting beauty products, shampoos and make up - maybe too much!

Here are a few tips and ideas to tackle these messy cupboards:

Take absolutely everything out from your cupboards. Sort through what you actually have underneath there and throw away any products that you have not used in the past 12 months or that have expired.

I did warn you that I have a lot of beauty products hiding away... There were so many hair and beauty products that I hadn't touched in so long, so I donated these to my Mum and the bin!

2. Wipe down all cupboard doors and shelves
This is a bit of an area of neglect for me and these can get super grotty if not cleaned down regularly. The Dettol Wipes really do make this job a breeze!  

3. Organise your shelves
Baskets, baskets, baskets!! Yes I am the biggest basket addict, but honestly it makes things a heck of a lot easier to keep organised and neat.
I used two large plastic baskets from Kmart to organise my 'large items'. 
Basket 1 is used for my electrical appliances - straightening irons, curling irons etc. 
Basket 2 is used for my shampoo/hair products stash. I like to mix up my shampoos and conditioners, hence why I have a few on rotation!

See how nice and neat these look in my cupboards. These baskets are also the perfect size to easily slide in and out , whilst being easily accessible to put things away at the top.
For my smaller items such as skincare and bodycare products, I have used Ikea Variera baskets which come in the two sizes as used below.
The Ikea Variera baskets are not only fabulous for organising the bathroom (and cheap too), but you'll find them in my pantry and around the house organising so many different things! Definitely worth looking in to these as a low cost storage solution for the home as these are only $5.99 and $3.99 respectively.
 Voila - cupboards done and dusted (literally!).

Tackle the Bathroom Drawers 

Bathroom drawers are another little source of clutter. Our bathroom vanity unit has narrow drawers which has meant finding an organising solution has been a teeny bit tricky.  I picked up the perfect sized (and priced) little baskets again from Kmart to tackle the job.

As with the cupboards, the first step to organising your bathroom drawers is to take EVERYTHING out, sort and cull. I use our drawers for make up, hair accessories and brushes, feminne products, spare toiletries (toothpaste and brushes etc) and hubby gets a drawer too!
I may have mentioned once or twice that I love beauty products and make up, and in fact have a HUGE case full of the stuff. This is a bit of a pain to lug out each day for a bit of lip gloss or tinted moisturiser, which is about all I manage to slap on (on a good day that is). So I have converted the top drawer (and the most accessible) in to a little organised make up stash for me.
Using little drawer inserts from Kmart, I have placed my most frequently used items neatly in here. These are the items that are on high rotation for everyday use.
These little baskets have also been perfect for my hair ties and accessories too. 

Shower Detox

Now that your drawers and cupboards are organised (and sparkling clean), it is time to give your shower a little love. The Dettol Healthy Clean Rapid Foam makes giving the shower a deep clean a cinch! You simply spray the foam on, leave for a few minutes and scrub.

$9 shower curtain from Kmart

If you have a shower curtain, consider replacing with a fresh and bright print to match the sunny weather ahead. This is such an inexpensive way to refresh and brighten a bathroom.

While you are at it, remove the shower vent and give this a good scrub. This is another little job often neglected and this can get very grotty with soap, shampoo and scum build up over time.

Spread some love to Neglected areas

Though I frequently clean our bathroom, there are certain areas of the room that don't get as much attention - skirting boards, windows and exhaust fans I am talking to you! Give these a bit of elbow grease.

My Essential Buys for the Bathroom

Like most projects I tackle, I always look for organising solutions on a budget. Kmart and Ikea always seem to be my saviours and yet again they haven't disappointed with providing low cost (yet gorgeous) little organising solutions.
Price: $9.00
Price: $9.00
IKEA Variera Baskets (two sizes available)
Price: $5.99 large size
$3.99 small size
KMART Rattan Style Storage Tub (also in yellow and white)
Price: $8.00
Price: $2.25 
Price: $2.25
Thanks to Dettol, I am going to have 2 x Spring Cleaning kits that you can use to help you get started on your clean at home. Stay tuned to the blog later on this week for your chance to win this amazing little prize and for my tips on organising the Laundry too!  
If you have any Bathroom organising tips, photos or ideas I would love to hear from you!


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