Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Pincinox Stainless Steel Peg Review & Reader Discount Offer

{Post brought to you in conjunction with Stainless Steel Pegs}
Washing, washing and more washing - seems to be the common theme in my house at the moment. In fact I seem to be spending more time with my washing machine and clothes line than with my own family at the moment, it is that insane!
I was asked way back in April this year to try out and review the Pincinox brand of pegs, which are imported from France and sold through Stainless Steel Pegs here in Australia.
After learning a bit more info about these legendary little pegs, I was super keen to try these out as pegs are something in high rotation here at the moment let me tell you!

So what's so special about the pegs?

Promoted as a 'purchase for life' these high quality pegs are made from a superior grade of stainless steel. In fact the company is so confident in their durability, that they come with a lifetime guarantee to never rust - ever!  
I have had these on my line in all of Melbourne's weather elements over the past six months and I can honestly say that these still look as good as new.

What I love about them...

  • No rusting if left on the line in all sorts of weather - and in Melbourne we certainly know all about the four seasons - usually in the one day!!
  • Because the pegs don't rust, you can keep these on the line forever. This is perfect for the lazy Mum short on time, who cannot be bothered packing away pegs after each load
  • Unlike regular pegs, these don't leave pesky marks on clothes which you cannot seem to remove, even with the most robust of irons
  • These pegs stay put! They don't move an inch, even on windy days
  • These don't fall apart, break or twist like regular plastic or wooden peg varieties
  • You can use these in your freezer without damage. I use these to seal up my open frozen goods (peas and corn bags) with great success
  • Compared to plastic and wooden pegs, these are a teeny bit more pricey. But you'll never have to buy pegs again - enough said!

Discount Reader Offer to Purchase

If you'd like to try these amazing little pegs out for yourself, then head over to the Stainless Steel Pegs website.
Simply enter the code UTTERLY at the checkout for a 30% discount on the 20 Pack of the Pincinox Pegs. Please note that the discount only applies on this 20 peg pack size and Pincinox brand of pegs.
These pegs retail for $31.00, but you will nab these for the reduced price of only $21.70. This also includes postage too, so it is a great chance to try out.
This offer (and voucher code) is valid until the 30th of November 2015, so don't delay!  

And a Giveaway too?!

Yes, yes, yes!! Thanks to Stainless Steel Pegs, a little later on this week I have the chance for 5 lucky readers to win themselves a 20 pack of the Pincinox Pegs valued at $31. See you a little later on in the week for that :-) 
Have you tried these pegs? Love to know how you found these too!


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    1. Thanks Sapna, be sure to come back to enter the giveaway On Friday :-)

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