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DIY Mother's Day Gifts with Officeworks and Kodak Picture Kiosks

{Post brought to you in conjunction with Officeworks}
If every Mum is worth her weight in gold (I know I am!), then this year my Mum is worth her weight in Gold and Diamonds x 100.
You see while I have been sick in hospital, bed, on the couch or unable to move from the toilet floor this pregnancy, it has been my Mum that has helped me pick up the pieces.
Without complaint (to me anyway!), she has been here week after week (and sometimes day after day) to pick up my washing, drop off my ironing, help with the kids, drop off food and snacks and to just to mentally help me get through this rough patch.
So this year I definitely wanted to give her something a little bit more 'thoughtful' for Mother's Day. And what better (and easier) way is there than heading to Officeworks to try my hand at a unique and personalised DIY Mother's Day present using their Kodak Picture Kiosks in store? None!

So with a little help from Officeworks, here are a few little easy, cheap and fabulous DIY Mother's Day gift ideas that you might like to try your hand at this year too...

Project 1: Inspirational Quote Cards

You'll Need:
  • Your favourite photos of course! Print at your local Officeworks on the Kodak Picture Kiosk using your USB, Tablet or Mobile Device. I printed mine off using the 'Social Print' feature that allows you to enter text in - perfect for entering in those special quotes
  • Your favourite Mother's Day quotes. I found some great ones online here, but Google will also do the trick for some more! I then simply typed up my favourite ones in Word and printed off to take with me to Officeworks. But if you don't have a printer at home, why not print off at Officeworks when you arrive?

This DIY project is so simple (and easy on the hip pocket too). The only outlay here is for the photos (20c per print) and the business card holder that you select. The one I have used was $3.25 (you can find that here) and comes in many different colours if white is not your thing.

The 'Social Print' format of printing that I have used for this project is fabulous! I love that you can enter your favourite quotes straight on to the template and customise the colour of the background, font and formatting too.
Of course if you would prefer, you can always print up your quotes and stick to the back of a photograph printed in a traditional or different format at the Kiosk (loads to choose from).

For some extra fun and personalisation, why not have a little one help you write up the quotes (dependent upon age) or have them decorate the paper that you have the quotes written up on, before you adhere to the back of the photo.

1. Simply follow the prompts on the Kodak Picture Kiosk selecting Social Print as the option that you want here

2. Make sure you have your quotes ready to go, as you will need these on hand to type in to the text box in the program

3. Following the super easy prompts, customise the background, text and formatting to your hearts content!
4. Print out at the kiosk in no time!
5. Head home and pop in your business card holder and you are done - voila!

Of course if you are feeling extra crafty, you can also pretty up the business card holder using some of the amazing washi tape that you can find in store or online as I have done - love this stuff!!

 This is a beautiful gift to pop on your entrance hall or bedside table. Rotate pictures each day to make you smile each time you wake up or come through the front door!

Project 2: Photo Pot Plant

You'll Need:
  • Your favourite photos of course! Print at your local Officeworks Kiosk using your USB, Tablet or Mobile Device. I elected to print mine off using the 'Mini Prints' feature and selecting 9 per page
  • Modge Podge or Spray Adhesive to seal and finish
  • Garden Pot of your choice
  • Ribbon, Washi Tape or twine to decorate (if desired)
  • Plant or Garden Goodies to fill your pot!

This little project is another one that is easy on the wallet. The Mini Prints feature will only set you back 35c per photo (which contains 9 mini prints per page).

Scour your local $2 shop, IKEA, Kmart or Hardware store for a pretty little pot in the size and colour of your choice. Or if you are extra handy (or game), you could paint and decorate the pot by yourself or with your little one too! 

You can fill your pot up with your Mum's favourite plant (I love a pretty little phalaenopsis orchid myself) or fill up with some garden goodies.

1. Cut up pictures individually or in strips (dependent upon how you printed in store). Mine have been printed as a using the Mini Prints option with 9 pics per page. This prints off roughly the size of a passport picture which I found to be a great size for the project

2. Pop some super glue around the back of the pictures and stick as desired around your pot

3. Once dry, paint the outside of the photos (or use spray adhesive) to seal and protect. I have used Modge Podge (which you can get at art and craft stores etc) as it is a multipurpose product - it glues, seals and gives a fabulous little finish

4. Once the glue has dried, you can attach any extra details (ribbons, twine or rope) to pretty up the pot (or hide any wonky pictures) as you like! I used my pretty pink chevron washi tape again - couldn't resist!

6. Add your plant or goodies to the pot and you there you have your amazing gift!

I have filled my pot up with some garden goodies that my Mum can use with Mr B. There are some seedings, garden lights and some cute chalkboard garden signs. I know that the two of them will love using this special little gift at Nanny's house beyond Mother's Day.

Project 3: Extra Special Mother's Day Card

Of course every good Mother's Day gift needs an extra special card too! Using the Kodak Kiosk in store, you can quickly and easily create and print off a truly unique and beautiful Mother's Day Card in minutes! Mine only set me back $3.75 which is fantastic for such a super cute and personalised card.
You'll Need:
  • Your favourite photos of course! Print at your local Officeworks Kiosk using your USB, Tablet or Mobile Device.


  1. Use the clever little Kodak Picture Kiosk to guide you through the simple steps to get your masterpiece done. The hardest part of this project is deciding between the super cute designs, fonts and colours!

Because this is literally so quick and easy to do instore, why not involve your little one in the process by letting them pick the background, colours and the photo too? Of course hand them the envelope once done to decorate as they desire - this is Mr B's favourite thing to do for birthday and special occasion cards!

As you can see, with the help of Officeworks and Kodak Picture Kiosks, even a pregnant person with very little energy can create a truly amazing little DIY gift - so they will be a cinch for you!
Involving the kids in selecting the photos, drawing up the quotes and cutting (depending on age), means that they can create a gift for you (hope the Dad's are reading this too!) or Grandma that they can be proud of too!
Of course if you don't have time for a little DIY, but still want a gorgeous little personalised product, then the Kodak Picture Kiosks at Officeworks can easily help you out with Canvas Wall Prints, Mugs, Keyrings, Mousepads, Calendars and more - all of which would make the perfect customised gift. If you can't get in to a store, you can also access the kiosk online from your own home at any time here.

Mums - what are you hoping to get this Mother's Day?! A full week of sleep would do me nicely!!

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