Thursday, 1 November 2012

How I Organise my Recipe Collection at Home...

I was asked a while ago by one of my lovely readers, Donna, if I could please feature on my blog just how I organise my recipes at home. Okay truth be told it was so long ago (August in fact and I am a little embarassed) that I am sure that poor Donna thought that I must have forgotten!! So here it is.....

I must say that I am an absolute sucker for all things recipes - I love printing, cutting and writing out recipes that I see along the way. So the reason I have so many folders is to accommodate just this!!

I use a very low cost solution of simple display books that you can purchase at K-Mart, Officeworks or the like and the best part is that they only cost a few dollars a pop. I always buy at the same time a stack of extra display pockets and before I start to use, I load that baby up with as many pages as I can fit in so that I can fit in hundreds of recipes in to each book. It is also so much easier to add all of the pages in at the start, rather than mid way though - been there, done that!

I have split my recipes up in to the following folders:
  • Mains, Sides & Soups
  • Cakes, Slices & Biscuits
  • Savoury Snacks & Lunches
  • Desserts
  • Kids/Festive/Drinks
  • Thermomix: Savoury
  • Thermomix: Desserts
  • Thermomix: Cakes, Slices & Biscuits

When I am meal planning or just looking for inspiration, I do a flick through the book and mark with some post it notes. These are great to take and use in the kitchen, because they have the plastic sleeves the recipes don't get wet or soiled if you are a messy cook like I tend to be...

These reside in magazine holders that I recently purchased at Typo for a ridiculous sum of $3 each. I have recently just labelled these as you can see above, so they look a bit more organised on the shelf and we all know that I love a label!!

The spine labelling could do with some work, but this may have to be on my to do list for the New Year, for now I want to get in to some fun Christmas planning...
So there you have it, my cheap and effective way to organise my recipes. How do you organise yours? I would love to hear all about it and see some pictures.


  1. Love this idea!! It looks great. Nice to see there is another sucker out there for all things recipes. Thanks for sharing :) Jacinta

    1. Haha, yes that is definitely me Jacinta!! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and for your lovely comment too x

  2. Thanks for sharing! Great idea... I like that you can have a mixture of print out's, magazine cut outs and hand written recipes in these. Plus easy on the budget and pratical to clean if they get dirty when you cook.
    Thanks again,
    Donna :)

    1. Oh pleasure Donna, so sorry about the delay. Promise that if you ask me something else that I won't take quite as long to feature it :-)

      Thanks again for following my page and blog x

  3. I have mine in big folders with dividers, but I do like your idea, as you the smaller folders are more manageable as they're smaller. My folder is starting to get overloaded, so almost time for a cull of no longer used recipes ;)

    1. Thanks so much Leah! Yes I find that because they are slim, but can fit so much in that these work really well, but I love the sound of what you are doing!!

      I need to do a cull too, think that is one for the New Year though :-)


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