Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Budget Friendly Laundry Solution to Make Washing a Breeze!!

Welcome to the first part of my National Organising Week feature - this first part will focus on lovely laundries and is designed to give you a little bit of inspiration and hopefully a few ideas for organising your own lovely laundry spaces.

So for this weeks cheap and cheerful Tuesday, I thought that in keeping with the 'laundry' theme, that I would share with you my washing storage solution - on a budget.

I used to have a regular old (and a little ugly) laundry hamper inside my laundry cupboard.....

But I found that this just wasn't cutting the mustard with the amount of washing that I now have on a weekly basis with a baby on board. Also having all matter of washing all dumped in to the one basket meant that it was time consuming come washing day to sort out what was what (colours from darks, you know the drill!). Space wasn't really an issue (in terms of height) and I had seen something like this on Pinterest and I loved the concept of having washing separated in to a few different baskets:

Source: Ana-White

After scouring the shops for the most cost effective solution, this is what I came up with...

This fabulous little unit is an Antonius unit from Ikea. I have actually purchased two of the units and they easily click together to become one taller unit. The frames are $12 each and you have the option of different drawer types for this unit. I have gone with the large plastic drawers which are $20 each. There is also a half size plastic draw that retails for $15 each or some wire basket drawers for only $4 a piece.

By having separate drawers for washing, come washing day I simply dump the pile in the machine and away I go!! I have divided my washing drawers by: 
  • Lights & Colours
  • Darks
  • Towels & Sheets
  • And the remaining drawer is a bit of everything at the moment!
I have labelled each draw so that my washing is a breeze come washing day. The labels are the ones that I created and laminated myself (very basic), but I am happy to share these if you would like to print these off to incorporate a similar idea in your own home.

This little storage idea would also work really well for kids toys, craft storage or for all of your odds and sods in your garage or shed. I love the versatility of being able to add different sized and types of drawers to the unit as your needs change.

Tomorrow will look at how the rest of my linen cupboard is organised.... stay tuned!!

If you would love to share your laundry organisation ideas or photos of your home, please feel free to contact me - I would love to feature them. Don't forget to enter the Home Storage and Living giveaway if you haven't already, you can enter here.


  1. The wire baskets are great for clothes that are a bit damp from sweat or towels stops them from getting smelly or more yucky if you can't wash them straight away.

    1. Hi Maree, thank you so much for stopping by. That is a great idea!



  2. Great idea, looks fab and love the labels sweet!

  3. So funny that you've blogged about this as I just gave my laundry a good clean out this morning! I don't have a whiz bang sorting unit like yours (whicn I LOVE btw) but I did clean out the cupboards and put everything back neatly. Which felt strangely soothing....until I brought in all the washing that was on the line and was back to mess again!!

    1. Haha, I can relate to that one Kirsten :-) You will have to share pictures of your tidy, I am sure it looks fabulous xx

  4. Love this idea. What was the total price? Would love to do something similar.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you so much!! The price is dependent upon what style of basket you use and if you end up going the double tier as I have. I have listed the prices (correct at the time I purchased), hope this helps you out and if not please contact me again.


      Allison x


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