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The Stylish Mum To Be – 10 TOP TIPS on maternity dressing with a growing belly

With only 8 short weeks until bub arrives, I am definitely now well in to maternity clothing. I have been pretty lucky up to date, as I lost a lot of weight early on in this pregnancy with being so sick, so the belly was slow off the mark to develop. But in the last few weeks, I am finding myself struggling in my 'normal' clothes and searching for maternity or stretchy styles, especially as we approach the festive season with so many little events and soirees on the cards where my stretchy gym pants just won't do!

I am so pleased to have the lovely Agnes from Paper Doll Styling here on the blog this week as a very special guest writer. Agnes is a Melbourne based personal stylist and shopper who offers not only personal shopping and styling for women and children of Melbourne, but she offers a fabulous online service for those anywhere in the country. You can find out more about her services here.
I have asked Agnes to share her shopping and styling wisdom this week when it comes to dressing with a baby bump. Thank you for your tips Agnes....
Expecting a baby is such an exciting time in a woman’s life but it also has its challenges, and dressing your baby bump can be one of the first.
However nothing should stop you being stylish and confident in your skin and clothes so I am here to help with 10 top tips  I learnt when I was expecting my daughter –on how to dress when your belly and emotions grow.
Tip #1: Shop your own wardrobe
Learn what’s in your wardrobe (and even in your partners) and find out what you can use from it throughout your pregnancy. Your stretchy tops and dresses will still be good for the first trimester. Button up shirts (even your husband’s or boyfriend’s) with leggings or worn over a tank or a T-shirt tied in front will be your best friends.
Wear your smart jacket with anything and roll up your sleeves for an effortlessly chic look.
Nothing should stop you being comfortable and chic during pregnancy
Tip #2: Be comfortable
Being stylish and comfortable at the same time? Yes, it is possible. From your underwear to your shoes, you want to feel comfortable throughout all the months with your growing belly and the hormones changing your mood and body temperature. Choose natural fabrics (cotton, silk, cashmere, wool, etc.) and well-fitting bras and underwear. Your shoe size easily can go up to 1 to 2 sizes during pregnancy (and for some it stays like that after birth too), so make sure you are wearing the most comfortable footwear possible. Ballerina flats go with everything, lace up brogues will accentuate a relaxed, understated look, while jeweled flat sandals dress up and add charm to any summer outfit. Wedges are great alternatives to high heels. 
An oversized button up shirt worn with skinny jeans or leggings will be your best friend
Tip#3: Mix and match 
The basics in your maternity wardrobe are just as important as in your pre and post pregnancy one. Buy good quality basics that will not disappoint you and that you can mix and match for endless number of looks. Dress them up or down with accessories that you already have in your wardrobe. 
Tip #4: Up-size
You don't have to limit yourself to wear only maternity clothes to look stylish. Opt for standard pieces in one or a couple of sizes larger than your normal size. Drawstring pants and shorts, cotton tops, button up shirts, maxi dresses are all comfortable and stylish choices.  
Tip #5: Wear colours 
Your best colours are still your best colours during pregnancy, so don't be afraid of wearing them, especially close to your face to bring out that special glow even more! Dressing in monochrome is not only super trendy at the moment but also creates the illusion of an elongated body. You can add a splash of colour to a one-colour outfit by adding a scarf, a handbag or a statement necklace. 
Wear your best colours to flatter your face
Tip #6: Accessorize
A cosy scarf, a pair of big sunglasses, a stunning necklace will all look stylish and can give polish to your look. Their other advantage is that you can wear them throughout the whole pregnancy and you already have them in your wardrobe. Use them to sharpen your look and bring a sense of individual style. The trick is: to choose a one statement piece and keep the rest understated. 
Tip #7: Layer
Cardigans, wraps, shawls keep you warm, comfortable and you will not outgrow them.
Use the ones you already have in your wardrobe, or buy some new ones in flattering colours. They will come handy when your body-temperature changes in a second and after the birth too while breastfeeding. 
Jeans, stripes and a trench coat - always a stylish choice
Tip #8: Show off your belly 
Form-fitting pieces that are not too tight are much more flattering than really loose, baggy clothes. Make sure they are stretchy and comfortable to wear. 
Tip #9: Show off your best features 
Do you have great legs? Wear skirts to show them off. Are you proud of your cleavage? Show some skin (but not too much) with a low-cut top to flatter your face.
The rule is always the same: show off your best features and hide those that you are not happy with. It’s all about balance.
Tip#10: Splurge
Even if you don’t spend too much on your maternity wardrobe I recommend investing in at least one stunning outfit, that you feel gorgeous and confident in. You will get great use out of it; put it on every time when you want to feel glamorous and change the look with accessories.  
Have fun and look amazing before, during and after baby! 
Agnes xx
Thank you so much for the amazing advice Agnes. Stay tuned because Agnes will be back later on this week with her advice on exactly where to shop to pick up some great maternity buys and there is a giveaway in the mix too!


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  3. Really great advice! It's so important to stay stylish when you are pregnant!

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