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Soul Seasons Planner: A Review & Reader Offer

Now I love technology as much as the next person, but when it comes to organising my fairly crazy life, I cannot go past a paper based diary or planner. My friends tend to laugh at me when I refuse to use my phone, but honestly I feel so much more in control when I can write and refer to things on paper. Can anyone else relate?!
For most of this year I have been using a simple Kmart diary, but midway through the year I was contacted by amazing Life Coach, Carlie Maree, to see if I was interested in trying out her Soul Seasons Planner
As a teeny bit of a stationary addict (minor understatement!), I was absolutely thrilled to try this out.  

So what is the Soul Seasons Planner?

Quite honestly it is like nothing else out there in the market and that is exactly the way Carlie Maree created it to be! It goes beyond being a daily planner, scheduler and tracker and is designed to be a place where you set, monitor, review and live your life goals as well as organise yourself.

What does it look like inside?

The start of the planner reads like a workbook with plenty of beautiful pages designed to inspire you to consider and capture goals in nine key life areas:
- Health and Body
- Friends and Family
- Love and Relationships
- Personal and Spiritual Goals
- Fun and Recreation
- Sacred Spaces
- Work and Career
- Money and Finances
- Community and Giving
The goal setting section gives you plenty of guidance, prompts and hints to help you set meaningful and clear goals for yourself if this is something that you are new (or old) at.
The second part of the planner takes on more of a traditional planner format starting with a month at a glance calendar and notes section.

Each month invites you to set a theme and has a generous space for you to fill in the projects that you are focusing on for that particular month.

At the start of each week, the planner has a 'Shiny New Week' section where you are invited to flesh out your focus, missions and your thoughts for the weeks ahead.
The daily planning pages are absolutely fantastic! Each day has a dedicated two pages. The first page is a section for you to fill in what is in your mind and heart on that particular day. I have been using this section as a reflective diary.

The day itself is divided up into a list and a plan. The plan allows you to jot appointments and activities in 30 minute blocks from 6:00am through to 10:00pm.

What did I love about it?

Have you ever set a new years resolution, only to find yourself falling off the bandwagon or even completely forgetting about it a mere few months later?! Yup me too. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR! What I love about the seasonal aspect of the planner is that feeling of starting 'fresh' each season, rather than waiting til the new year to set, look at and review your goals.
Rather than trying to plan out and set goals for an entire year (which seems like an enternity when you are setting them in January), I have found that setting them (and changing them) for a more current period of time makes them much more of a daily focus and therefore much more likely to be achieved in my case.
The planner allows you to have one place for your whole life and I absolutely love that. With 4 kids to juggle (and my life too), I love the generous space that you have to plan and organise every single day. There is so much space that you can even jot down phone messages (that always get lost) and the tracking details for the parcels you post out etc too.

Like any good planner, stickers are a must.

I have put my Kiki K Life's Little Stickers to good use in mine and they work great. I would definitely recommend the purchase of something similar to make this even more user friendly (and pretty!).
The fact that you also get a brand spanking new pretty planner every few months to work through is the absolute icing on the cake for a stationary fan like me!
The planner really is beautifully made with a sturdy hard cover and coil binding. The paper is lovely to write on and the colours and text are all gorgeous and definitely inspiring to look at and use.

What is the price and how do I order?

The planner retails at $55.00 and is available to order here.
Please note that these sell out FAST!

And what about a special discount for me?!

Well since you asked so nicely, Carlee Maree has kindly agreed to offer all Utterly Organised readers a $5 discount off each planner purchased. Simply use the code UTTERLY at the checkout (until 30 November 2018) to get this amazing price. Head over here to purchase.
Thank you to Carlie Maree for letting me try this out. After a far more organised and goal focused Spring, I cannot wait to get started on my Summer planner this week.

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