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What the heck does a new baby actually need?! My essential guide...

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One of the hardest things about being a new parent (sleepless nights aside) is working out what the heck this little creature actually needs! I know when we were expecting Mr B (our first), he had every single baby product known to man kind. But now, four kids later, I think I have finally figured out what you really do need.

This is a little list of my new baby essentials, what worked for us and tips on buying. You know that I love a bargain, so I hope it helps (and saves you a few dollars along the way).

The Bassinet

Some people choose to go straight for the cot, but I am a huge fan of the humble little bassinet. In fact, when it comes time to move on out into the big cot, I get so sad not to wake up with my bub by my side. This could by why at 4 months old, Mr J is still snoozing by my side in his little bassinet.
Because people either love or hate having their bubs in their room, consider hitting up Gumtree to pick up a bassinet second hand. These are only used for such a short time (or if at all), so you can usually pick these up in immaculate condition for a fraction of the price.

Boori Urbane Bassinet

We have had the Boori Urbane Bassinet for all 4 - so I can definitely attest that it is durable! I loved the fact that it is on wheels so that we can zoom it around the house as needed. We often wheel ours to cool (or quiet) areas of the house. It also has mesh ventilated sides which were perfect for my 3 summer bubs. This particular model retails for around the $200 mark, but I have spotted it for less than half the price over on Gumtree.

The Cot

The cot and a brand new mattress are two things I definitely think are worth the investment of buying new, you are going to get loads of years out of this (unless your kids tend to want to sleep with you like mine!).

Mocka Aspiring Cot

My advice would be to pick a model that converts to a toddler bed, then you can expect to get 4 or so years life out of the cot (unless a new sibling needs sooner of course!).

Change Table

Where there's a baby, there's bound to be a ton of dirty nappies that need changing (sorry to break it to you!). For the sake of your poor back, I think the change table is a must.

Baby Chest of Drawers and Change Table Combo

If you are short on space, look for a model that incorporates a chest of drawers and change table in one. We have had the same one for all 4 kids and it has been brilliant. Not only is the drawer space fantastic for bubs clothes, you can use the top drawers for easy (and organised) access to lotions, potions and spare nappies. The bonus is, once your nappy days are over, you still have a fully functional chest of drawers to keep.

The Pram

I found buying a pram one of the hardest and most emotional decisions to make, there are SO many to choose from! Here are a few of the things that I consider super duper important when picking the model right for you:
1. Double Trouble: We had hoped to have another child, so we selected a model that could add a second seat down the track. A lot of people don't think about this initially, but if you are planning siblings at a close age, definitely consider this when picking a pram so you don't have the expense of having to upgrade so soon.

Baby Jogger City Select Pram
We have used the Baby Jogger City Select pram since Mr B was born (2010 model) and it has been fantastic and is still going strong. It has a billion different combos with the two seats attached and I found it super easy to fold and use. These can be found for as little as $300 (or less) over on Gumtree.
2: Room to Boot: Make sure you take your car to the pram shop when selecting a pram as you will be surprised as just how much room a pram can take up in a boot.
3. To (Super) Market: Another important factor (for me) when selecting a pram is the size of the basket at the bottom. I tend to do my shopping with kids in tow (crazy I know), so a large basket that can carry a decent shop is a must.
As bubs grows, consider the use of a zippy stroller for short trips to the shops, beach or on holidays. Again Gumtree is the perfect place to pick up something as often families purchase for holidays and don't use again.

Now that I am down to only one bub really needing to use the pram, I treated Mr J to a brand new Reds Baby Pram via Gumtree. I picked up the Reds Baby Jive 2017 model brand new (in a box) as the sellers had decided to upgrade to the 2018 model before using! This pram is so light and compact and has a single fold (with the seat on) and Mr J absolutely loves the comfort of the bassinet unit. I think Mr T is a teeny bit jealous, so I have my eye out for a skateboard attachment to come up on Gumtree to go with it.

Car Seat

When I first purchased a car seat, you had to purchase one for the first few years and another for the years after that. These days you can now get an all in one model that will last from 6 months right up to 8 years.

Maxi Cosi Lunar G Car Seat

Due to safety concerns (you don't know if a seat has been in an accident etc), I think that it is worth investing in these new where possible.
I never had a baby capsule, but I often think that I should have looked into one with bub #3 and again #4 with the amount of car travel we do with kinder and school driving ( practically live in my car with poor baby J). This is another one of those items that only gets used for such a short time, so consider picking up one second hand.

Play Things

You could go absolutely mad with the amount of baby toys and play gadgets out there in the market (been there, done that), but in fact there are probably only very few things you need in the first year:
1. Play Mat: These are an absolute must. Big W, Target and Toys R Us frequently have sales on these if you can wait.
2. Baby Swing: Babies either love or hate these, so it can be worth looking into a second hand model as swings can be up to $200 new. If you have a baby that enjoys the swing, it can be fantastic to have your hands free to get gain 5 seconds to yourself.
3. Activity Centres: My 3 have all absolutely adored these and so have I. As bubs gets a bit more active and mobile (and is unfortunately no longer content with the play mat), these can be fantastic to amuse baby for short stints of time. Again can be up around the $150 - $200 mark to buy new so Gumtree is your best bet for picking up one on the cheap.

I hope that this little guide has helped you plan for your first (or maybe second) little bundle of joy! I am always happy to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact me.

What baby item could you not live without?! Have you picked up something amazing lately from Gumtree? Feel free to share....

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